Langley Dam 29th April

It was the turn of Langley Dam to get the privilege of my company today for what has turned to an annual visit to a still water.

It was a mild night and upon packing the car at the ungodly hour of 6.15 there was a fairly thick mist on the street. Flask filled with tea, sarnies made up the night before off I set towards Langley, the fog thickened so much so that at Hexham it was a fair “pea-souper”, arriving at the lake at around 7.30, I got my 9½’ #6/7 kitted up with a mini Cats whisker on the point and a Bibio on the dropper and had a cuppa whilst I waited for Malcolm to arrive.


I went to pay for my 8 hour session and had a look in “the book” hmm it looked like a string of binary lol not much caught at all over the last few pages, with some disparaging comments to boot.

Unperturbed, at five to eight my impatience got the better of me , no sign of Malcolm so I decided to have a quick chuck just down from the lodge on the near bank, I had only been fishing for about 15 minutes when Malcolm duly landed, we decided to have a walk around to Cookson Bay side.

I started off right next to the reeds on the corner and Malcolm set up further along on this side, first twenty minutes and not a lot doing, I had a few gentle pulls but nothing sticking, then at just before 9 o clock had a swirl at my flies, then a solid hook up, he felt like a big fish and stayed deep. He fought really hard and deep , with a bit of splashing on the surface as he got into the shallow water, causing a slight bit of panic as I struggled to get my net under him but in he went a very nice brownie of 4¾lb very nice indeed and a modest PB for me for a stillwater brown.


A decent start little did I know that was as good as it was going to get , the thick blanket of fog which had been rather eerie to cast into was now lifting and giving way to clear skies and bright sunshine, the fish duly started feed on the top.. or just under the surface so on went a olive klinkhamer for about 20 minutes without any interest… followed by a black klinkhamer…with the same results. Frustrating.. Time for some cheese and coleslaw sarnies and a nice cup of tea.

I decided to have a walk up past the boathouse and a go off the dam wall , changed to a Bibio and brown spider on the dropper, still fish were splashing about but no takers not even a knock. By now Malcolm had taken a nice stock rainbow on a Bibio but apart from that was having as much success as I was… and by looking around the lake other folk were doing as “well” as us too.


Walking back along to Cookson’s, I retried the mini cats whisker, again without any success. Still casting direct to rising fish without interest.

Now at about 2.30pm with my back just about done in……I am now used to waving a feather light 6’ #3 and casting short distances on the river and bit lighter and less work than this behemoth!! I had a half hearted go back down from the lodge where I started but with the usual result!!

So off I tootled, my annual trip over with for another year, leaving with a mixture of joy, disappointment and exhaustion!! Pleased to land such a nice fish but frustrated with how the rest of the day went with not so much as a knock between 9am and leaving. However a day fishing is better than a day working so all’s good , everything being equal and Mrs Blood permitting , I will be back on the Derwent.. and back to my comfort zone lol this weekend (or Monday)


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