10th May , River in flood

10th May

The heavy rain forecast for the back end of this week actually materialised… funny how the weather men get it right when it’s bad weather! Lol… the rain actually woke me in the early hours of Saturday morning but still like a fool I decided that the river would be okay to fish.

As it turned out the morning was fine, nice sunshine and plenty of flies buzzing about as I landed, early , mid morning. Walking up to the viaduct it didn’t look TOO bad but as I got closer to the river the worse it looked, it must have been a good 6” up and the colour of chocolate.. not good



Seemingly most other members had decided against a foolish trip to the river as not another soul was to be seen all day, I fished from the meadow but truth be told I half expected to catch nowt and I was right the water was fair gunning through and I fished quickly down to the viaduct, jumping out just to have a quick go at high dam but there was nothing doing today! After about an hour and a quarter that was me done and done.


It was a shame about the river level as the morning itself was absolutely lovely , fairly warm, sun shining and plenty of fly life too shame the fish weren’t playing.



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