17th May, short session

17th May

After a dry-ish week or so I was looking forward to getting out amongst the brownies after last weeks aborted mission to the river. I had already secured a day pass from the wonderful Mrs Blood until 4pm , Saturday had been as the Sun would say “A right scorcher” I was up sharp and it was another clear blue sky and already warm as I tootled the two dogs around the block at about 8am. Bacon and mushroom sarnies demolished with a nice cup of tea and I was off.

I decided to fish the Rowlands Gil stretch today as I thought there would be less dog walkers and river swimmers on this stretch…damn this fine weather we’re having!

And so it proved as I rocked up to the caravan park car park at about 9am, a few caravanners about (odd that) but quiet as I walked up to the bridge, eventually I decided to fish the weir pool from the right hand bank something I have never done before. It’s a bit of a mad scramble down the bank after crossing the bridge but casting isn’t half as bad as I thought it would be.

I started off with a small gold head with a “red rust” dubbed body and second cast in a solid thump as I gave the flies a little twitch and a hook up, he pulled my little Shakespeare right round as he bore deep in the strong current but I gave him next to nothing he did pull a bit line through the rings as he tried to get to the deeper water but I turned him and got him to the net a nice stock fish something like 14” and just under 1½lbto say it was a good start was an understatement, second cast in and a nice stockfish taken. It is the first really decent size fish I have had on this 6’ Agility rise and it coped so well I have to say , having a really soft action it cushions the runs and head shaking of the fish really well.


I walked a little downstream and crossed the river where the island is, fishing the far bank here but no luck, I did get a knock where the split of the river rejoins the main river but missed what felt like a small fish.



Onto the next run wit with the deeper water along the far bank and I had another hookup this time it felt like another big fish but he showed me his belly…. and was off. all good stuff !!

Minutes later I hooked into another fish this time a small wild trout taken on the (t)rusty nymph a nice pretty brownie of about 6″


Down to almost the caravan park and there is a lovely swirling pool that looks deepish, just running down past a tree that creates a nice eddying pool..I fished twice through this pool as I hooked and lost a decent fish… no take on the second run through but towards the end of this pool just past the tree a solid thump and fish hooked, a good scrap ensued he made off towards mid stream and I struggled to turn him..next thing he was under my feet and the limitations of a 6′ rod were laid bare as even at my height I was struggling to get his head up…he eventually succumbed to the net…another very nice stock fish of 13″and around a pound.



It was an eventful 3 hours and I decided to head off home to earn some brownie points with an early return, really a belting session plenty of takes not masses of rising fish but the odd one here and there and plenty of takes to keep me interested




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