Monday 14th July, Winlaton Mill

Well I think Mrs Blood must have take pity on me after my aborted session on the river Derwent on Saturday.

Having the week off , it is nice to get out during the week. the weather was changeable to say the least, the only constant being the heat I guess, it was fair boiling when I was walking up past the viaduct. It must have been something like 20°c for the most of the day but the weather was almost constantly changing…bright sunshine…total cloud cover…showers…wind….It seems like we had it all in something like four hours.

Digital Camera

Walking up to the viaduct, I had a go just under the nice run just under the viaduct and after a couple of casts I took the first fish of the day a nice wild brownie something like 5″ on the gold head … a good start to the day.

I walked up to the run just above my usual starting point when I bumped into the gent I usually see up here…maybe the only other member? lol, We stopped and had a chat for a little while, it’s nice just passing the time of day just chatting about tactics and flies and favourite runs.

there were a few fish showing in this run, in the picture above. I ran right through this run but nothing, then again and dropping the flies almost right under my feet at the front of the run. the flies sunk deep and a strong pull a good fight from a  7″ fish that came to hand after a minute or so.

Another fish came, the third in an hour all to the gold head  and all taken before I got to the viaduct.

Things went a bit quiet from here on in…well for a good couple of hours between 12.30 and 3pm it went DEAD, no bites , no fish rising nothing.

Now back at high dam and only an hour or so fishing before I was due home and things were starting to heat back up. there is two really nice run here and in the second one I was starting to get some nips and pulls. Just after 3pm I hooked into and landed a brownie of 6″ followed by another 2 of similar size, all three taken in a 10 minute spell, the excitement wasn’t over though.


Just at the end of this run I had a pull from a very big fish the pulled, turned and was away, I saw his flank and he looked massive. Another cant and a strong strong pull, I felt the line burn into my fingers as the line tightened and he put a bend into my rod, then PING…..the line came catapulting back to me being dumped like a pile of spaghetti at my feet .

He leapt out of the water after the line actually snapped, he looked at LEAST as big as the 1½lb fish I took last week and maybe a fair bit bigger. I had a mixture of disappointment and excitement, it is always good to hook into some of the bigger fish in the river…however I know where he lives now!!


It was a weird day today, so hot and started decently enough … with a really quiet spell in the middle couple of hours…things then really picked up in the last hour…….just before home time!!

Still 6 small brownies to hand, a good few other pulls and a fair monster hooked and lost is a good day (for me) Keswick beckons now for me on Wednesday / Thursday so hopefully get into some of the brownies up there.


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