Saturday 12th July…dog days (and plodgers)

After an early start and 6 hours at work I was looking forward to a session on the river today and decided to have a look up to Rowlands Gill today thinking it would be a bit quieter than the Winlaton Mill stretch, I don’t think I could have been more wrong.


the place was crowded… picnicers…. dog walkers… kids and dogs plodging in the river a man float fishing at the weir..a nightmare..


The weather was hot , something like around 19-20°C and the river at a low but decent level,

However I decided to fish the weirpool and nothing doing,I did get a gentle couple of pulls towards the back end of the weirpool but very tentative takes no hookup.

I jumped out and moved down to where the river splits fishing the far half of the split this time, I spy a really nice deep narrow run of water that surely must hold a fish

Digital Camerathe really narrow run must have only been something like 3′ wide but first run through I had a solid take and a hookup , a very nice fish of something like 6″ taken on the good old gold head.

The next 2 runs….maybe the best 2 at Rowlands Gill were unfishable due to kids spashing about in the water. so I climbed out and moved to the run just opposite the park where I took a similar sized fish on a partridge and orange.

After 2 hours I had had enough though , the place was over run so I decided to call it a day for today.



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