17th July , Keswick

Ahh the good old lake district, land of beautiful scenery, beer and fishing… not necessarily in that order though.

Digital Camera


We arrived at Keswick around 11.30 on Wednesday morning and the threatening cloud had given way to some steady showers interspersed with some fairly heft downpours, this continued for most of the afternoon as we skipped from shop to pub, it wasn’t looking good for a day on the river on Thursday that I had planned.

Digital Camera



By Wednesday evening however the cloud had dissipated  leaving a beautiful night for a bit of tapas with Mrs Blood and a pint or three.


Thursday morning came around with bright sunshine and not a cloud to be seen , by the time I got to the river at around 9.30 it was already pretty warm  and although the river  (surprisingly) wasn’t coloured it was higher than I have seen it.

Digital Camera


However not  to be  undone I kitted up and stuck a black spider on the point and a black and peacock spider on the dropper.


Working downstream it wasn’t long before I started getting bites, maybe in the second pool down from the bridge very gentle tentative bites that were impossible to connect with almost every cast. After about 30 minutes though I did  connect into one, a small wild  brownie in the region of 5” taken on the black spider.

Digital Camera


Working into the slacker pools now towards the suspension bridge there was the very occasional riser but they wouldn’t play, I changed up to a gold head and a hares ear with a bit of colour on and I did  hook one  and lose it but was only a small fish.


I did bump into an Environment agency guy who was having a go on the fly and after a quick chat he was off… oddly he never asked to check my license.


About 100 yards up from the bridge I got my second of the day this time on the black and peacock spider, deciding to change back to black as this seemed to get most attention, again a small fish , the river did seem to be running through a lot faster in sections where it would normally be a fairly sedate flow (thats my excuse!)


I did notice a load of school kids on the bank side at this point and about 6 rods set up by the river….seemingly they had a weeks fly fishing course through their local school … how things have changed since I was at school, I had to skive off to get any fishing done during the day!



I did have a mooch  down past the suspension bridge and this section normally fished a lot better than the nearside but not today, I don’t think I got a single pull in the last hour or so, so I had a little sit on a log for  20 minutes just to watch a nice run see what was happening, a fish was rising right at the back of this run in the slacker water but again wouldn’t play.



IT was a curious day all in all, great to  be  fishing in such scenic  surroundings, but really the opposite of  my last visit up there when I took 30 small fish in a four hour session. Still that’s the beauty of it I guess, I blame beaming sunshine and high  water! Met the missus back at the bridge, she kindly brought my trainers back down to the river…..I quickly dropped them off back at the B&B and retired to the pub to sink a couple of pints of local ale… that’s what I call a nice finish to a tough day.




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