10th August, Nice session

After a fairly heavy downpour over the weekend, I seriously thought that the river would be too high to fish on Sunday, Mrs Blood told me it would be fine and of course she was right.

I awoke on Sunday and it was fairly overcast bur certainly not cold. I decided to just fish the Winlaton Mill stretch today and firstly I decided to fish down from the Butterfly bridge, strangely a stretch of the river that I have not fished through at all this season, strange because during my last time on the river I fished down this stretch of river almost every visit. There are some very nice streamy runs that tail off and deepen …looking very fishyDigital CameraI decided to have a go high sticking down this stretch today although not ideal with my 6′ rod I found two things out almost immediately …. firstly that I had a hole in the top of my wader..slowly leaking nice cold water into my boot. Secondly that keeping almost all of my fly line out of the water resulted in almost take after take there were plenty of the newly introduced grayling to be had …it took me a while to get used to the bites using this technique but after a while I started getting hook ups, mainly on my gold head rusty nymph which pretty much did the trick throughout the day. between 9am and 11 am I worked my way down the stream with a mixture of VERY small grayling and wild brownies both between 3″ and 7″.

Digital CameraI climbed out and squelched my way up to high dam to have a couple of hours run down.

Fishing more traditional down and across the general size of fish started to pick up as the afternoon wore on.I took two fish on the first run both wild brownies one about 8″ and the other about 5″ ..falling to the rusty nymph and black and peacock spider.

Clambering out and running under the small stone bridge , I took another couple , a grayling of about 5″ and another brownie around 8″

Digital Camera


Now down to the bend of the river I took nothing out of the nice runs that tumble over the very small weir which is pretty odd as I usually do very well in these pools. I did spy what looked like a good fish in the deeper slower water at the far bank though and I took another grayling this time about 10″ followed almost immediately by a nice brownie of about 8″


Still the big one eluded me, about 15yards further downstream though, the line tightened and the fish I was after was on, I knew instantly he was a better fish he pulled hard and fought deep the splashy!! I caught sight of him though and it was a belting grayling. I wanted to get him to the net quickly and he succumbed after a couple of minutes, a belting fish of about 16″ certainly the biggest grayling I have ever caught, the hook actually fell out in the net!! a quick picture and a couple of minutes rest then he serenely swam back to his swim.


Digital CameraApart from the leaky wader ! it was a belting day, the good old rusty nymph did the trick on the river today with a bit of black and peacock spider for good measure. plenty of action pretty much from landing on the river and ended up with something like 15 fish to the net in a four hour session.


waders “hopefully” repaired, I will be back out on the water this coming weekend to test my repair!!






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