Sunday 17th August…Windy

Sunday 17th August


It was a funny day all-around I guess really,  the day started with the Sunday morning tradition.. no not a hang over but a nice bacon and mushroom sandwich and a piping hot cup of tea.. to cure my ahem.. hangover!


The weather outside was fairly blustery, getting up to a strong gusts at times, not ideal for flinging flies around your lugs.


It wasn’t cold though at something like 16°C and some cloud cover, but the wind made it feel a bit cooler at times, the buff came out of storage for the first time since spring.



Fishing the Winlaton Mill stretch today I arrived at the River about 12 noon and walked up past the viaduct stopping to have a little go just at the viaduct and had a couple of tentative takes so seemed like a promising start. A woman did  comment that it was “a bit windy for fish” … prophetic words as it would turn out.




I continued walking up to the run just coming out of the high walled canyon a nice run where the river funnels to a  nice deep pool at the  far bank. Very fishy looking.


I started with my  rusty  nymph on the point and partridge and purple on the dropper, there were a few fish showing gently on the  surface but casting to the right areas brought no response! I ran through the obvious looking spots a few times for  about 15 minutes but no takes were  forthcoming so I  moved on  to the  next run about 50  yards downstream. Hmmm nothing doing in this  run either , time for a change up of flies I think.


On went a pheasant tail with a red hen hackle and an Olive gold head GRHE on the point, with almost instant albeit , limited results, the wind was making casting almost impossible at times; really strong gusts but about  a hundred yards above the viaduct where there is a fallen tree, I took two fish in a minute or so, one to each fly, a small grayling of about 4E and a wild brownie, very slightly bigger at around 6” these according to my scribbles were taken at 12.54 and 12.55. Maybe things were starting to warm up a bit?


Unfortunately the wind seemed to be getting stronger and it was around this time that I found out that my wader repair had only lasted about an hour before the cold water started to seep into my right boot…great.


Unperturbed though I climbed out and had a walk down to the two nice runs just above high dam and had some limited success here too with another quick fire double of fish to hand .. again both to the Green olive GRHE and both small Grayling of about 4-5” both of these fish in a couple of minutes around 1.30.


That was about it today a shortened 3 hour session , the combination of a soaking foot and very blustery conditions had done me  in for the day, I had a half hearted run through the pool under the stone bridge and said to myself , if I dont get a bite on this stretch I would call it a day……I didn’t… so I did!


Off back home for a bit of Sunday lunch.


Waders went into the bin when I got home lasting a couple and a half seasons or so , not bad for under £30. New VASS ones landed last night from good old ebay and I will give them an airing on a short evening session I have planned for Wednesday 20th.






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