20th august, evening session

Today I had my first and likely last evening session on the river Derwent this year as the nights are starting to put in somewhat already. I might get the odd late afternoon session as the season marches on though.

Digital Camera


For tonight though it was straight from work at about 5pm , landing at Rowland Gill caravan site car park at something like 6.50.


It had been a pretty changeable day but now it was pretty still and nice sunshine as I got my stuff on for a quick 2 hours or so.


I had the old faithful rusty nymph on the point and a red tag on the dropper.


I crossed the river about 50 yards below the road bridge was walked back up the bank to the weir pool. The water looked as low as it has been for a while. I did  have a couple of gentle plucks on this side but nothing more substantial than that , there were a few fish rising in the slack water on the far side. So after fishing right through this side of the pool without anymore success I crossed the river and fished it from the other side actually standing on the weir. More gentle pulls followed as well as a long distance release of what looked like a small grayling in the 5”

range. Shortly after that I hooked and landed a small Grayling of about 4” ; a decent-ish start


Time for a look downstream, at least a few fish were showing here and there , I fished through the nearside of the river where it splits in two but the runs that looked so inviting during normal conditions were running pretty shallow tonight.


Now at the section just upstream of the caravan park, I hooked into another fish again on the rusty nymph… as they all were tonight this on a slight upgrade on the last one and  a brownie this time of around 6” It was now about 7pm so I had something like an hour or so of decent light before it would be time to leave.


I fished through the streamy run just adjacent to the caravans but nothing doing here tonight although there was still the odd fish rising here and there.


Into the slower deeper pools now for the last half hour and I managed another 2 brownies one of about 8” and the last and biggest of the evening coming in at around 10”


It was a nice session getting 4 fish to hand in a couple of hours , plenty of other pulls and plucks, it was a beautiful evening especially between seven and eight when the air just seemed to go still.. brilliant



The good old rusty nymph was the fly that was doing the business tonight, the river looks pretty low at the minute , a little bit of rain certainly wouldn’t do any harm….just a little though let not go nuts!!


VASS waders got a run out tonight too.. pleased to report, no leads, fit is nice, well pleased for £30, bargain



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