Lesson Learnt, 14th September

It’s been a strange couple of weeks on the river it has to be said,

I was out a couple of weekends ago on the Winlaton Mill stretch , must have been something like 7th September and it was a strange day with not a lot doing a few bites but even those were few and far between and a couple of very small grayling, I did lose a very nice fish on the bend past the bridge, fishing a huge dry with black and peacock spider on the dropper, he took the spider pulling the dry under, looked a good fish and had him on for a minute or so including a spectacular jump, I could see him really clearly in the low water but I think I bullied him a bit too much .. trying to turn him in the water and off he went, just a 3 hour session or so this time.

Digital Camera

Every day’s a school day

My next trip was last Sunday 14th September, I was up and about early and decided after looking back on my blog that I would knock some gold head GRHE with red collar’s up as according to my notes these were the go to fly this time of year….I decided to combine this with a Greenwell’s spider…following my September notes from a few years back on the Derwent.

Digital Camera

A few chores done for Mrs Blood and I was off around lunchtime , clear blue skies greeted me at the river and a very nice temperature of something like 16-17°C unseasonably warm for Mid – Late September

I was up on the Rowland’s Gill stretch today had a walk up the weir pool where there was a gent already on the top of the actual weir kitting up a float fishing rod.

I had a quick run through with the dry fly / Black and peacock combo first nothing doing after about 10 minutes so switched over to the GRHE and Greenwell’s spider, another run through this pool and apart from one very small pull there was nothing doing here today, strange as there is normally a bit of action to be had here.

Things were about to liven up though as I worked downstream, my cack handed casting managed to hook (well and truly) into a nice big nettle, leaving me with some nice stings before I got my fly back .

Just as I got past the river split though I started getting into fish, my notes show a hectic 15 minute spell… 4” grayling at 12.24 (Greenwell spider) 6” grayling at 12.28 (GRHE) 6” grayling 12.33 (GRHE) 7” Brownie 12.44 (GRHE) all of these in the run just on and past the split and plenty of bites that I missed amongst that lot too, nothing new here then!

Digital Camera

I had a bit run through under the trees in the next pool and a few fish were about but nothing doing here for me today. Now just about opposite the caravan park , I hooked and landed a monster 3” grayling again on the GRHE. It was now about 1pm now and there was a little lull in proceedings for the next 30 minutes or so.

I was now into the slacker water and hooked into a much better fish , I played him more gently this time as he scurried too and fro kiting across the river, he “looked” about 12” just about on top of him until he obviously spotted an escape root in the form of a clump of grass/reed near the far bank …I saw it he saw it ……I knew I would have to stop him..the thought even went through my head….but off he went….I watched him….and his super (not so) sneaky plan worked .. off he went…bugger.

Excitement over I did manage to get another 2 fish to hand a nice grayling of around 6” on a GRHE and a slightly bigger brownie of 9” you guessed it… to the GRHE these 2 falling in a matter of minutes around 1.30.

I was now at a pool that has a fairly big rock mid stream that creates a nice disturbance and almost 2 pools for the price of one, at this stage of the season with low water the pool to the right looking downstream doesn’t look that deep at all with the left hand side being slightly deeper and slower. As I approached I noticed that there was fish rising on both sides of this run.

Digital Camera

Casting to the left hand side first nothing doing 2…3.. casts nothing , then I noticed what looks like a bigger fish make a splashy rise on the right hand side..trying to remain calm, second cast and a juddering take, line instantly tightens rod bends very hard to the water and battle commenced…well not much of a battle as it turns out. He immediately made for the huge stone midstream there was really no stopping him then …PING.. line slackens…expletives follow from Mr Blood, nylon snapped.
Hmm a nice fish lost, sitting down and thinking I had lost 2 fish this season to breakages, decided to check my nylon..to say it was like cotton would be an understatement, Lesson learnt here for me , I had bought a “jumbo” spool of 4lb nylon and this was well into it’s second season….obviously well past it’s best, that wont be happening again, smaller volumes to be used in future and replaced each season for me, as I said harsh lesson learnt.
Fortunately I did have some 6lb nylon in my waistcoat and despite hooking another 2 fish 5” grayling and 5” Brownie.. one to the GRHE and one to the Greenwell’s spider I really didn’t have the confidence in what seemed like rope compared to my 4lb cotton! so I called it a day after about 2½-3hrs or so.

Despite the loss of 2 decent fish it was a belting session really , got 9 fish to hand another couple or three lost off at my feet and a couple of very nice fish lost mid battle, conditions weren’t that great I guess with relatively low water and super bright skies but maybe that shows what I know!

I think there must be something in the air at the minute as I cannot ever remember losing so many fish as I have over the last couple of weeks or so weird

Got a session lined up on Saturday after a few hours in work, not sure which stretch yet , tempted to get back on at Rowland’s Gill but undecided, you may be pleased to know that there has been a smaller spool of 4lb nylon purchased from our friends at EBay… lesson learnt


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