11th October, Wall to Wall fish

Just had time for a quick session today after a few hours at work,

The morning started fairly cold not quite a frost in the town but only a couple of degrees above freezing, however by the time I set off towards the river the sun had risen somewhat in the sky and it must have been about 12°C and a fairly clear sky, just the odd cloud here and there with little or no wind.


I was really undecided where to fish this time, I was pretty sure to get on the Winlaton Mill stretch but not sure where, it wasn’t until I set off walking that I decided to fish down from butterfly bridge; a section of  river that I don’t think I have seen enough of this season for one reason or another.

I plonked myself almost directly under the bridge right on twelve noon and started fishing the narrow run where the “old” bridge had fallen… just “high sticking” this narrow run .. this is  where the fun started….suffice to say it was almost wall to wall grayling, taking 6 fish out of this pool in the first twenty minutes all between four and six inch , good sport all the same.

This is how it  continued as I high sticked my way down stream, plenty of  takes…missed takes and fish, , a nice eight or nine  inch out of  season brownie was one of  note out the next pool, all the way down to opposite the car park fish.


I ended up with twenty two fish  between noon and two pm … nothing of any great size six inch probably being about the average size and all bar five of them were grayling.

This isn’t really my favoured type of fishing but it has to be said it certainly is productive if you want a lot of fish.

I fished the Gold head GRHE today and Greenwell’s spider on the dropper. The GRHE did most of the damage but around half a dozen fish fell to the spider too


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