Rowland’s Gill Exploratory 1st November

I had decided to have a bit of an exploratory session today and get to see some of the waters that I usually don’t fish.


I was up and about sharp Saturday morning and by nine bells I was on my way to the river eventually wetting a line just after 9.45, another day with clear blue skies, temperature that must have been AT LEAST  15°C (It is now  November remember!!), saying that once out of the sun there wasn’t a great deal of heat in the air and it was a little chilly at times on the river. A fairly gusty downstream wind made casting a little challenging at times throughout the day.


Rowland’s Gill was my destination today and I had most of the day to explore undiscovered waters ,  only having to be home for around 4pm to ferry Mrs Blood about (I know where my bread is buttered!!)


Despite this I decided to start fishing a little lower down in the slack deep pools  just down from the split in the river. The river looked at a decent level.. as it has done most of the year, certainly not as many leaves about as I had seen on my previous visit which was a bit of a bonus.

I had the Olive GRHE on the point with the trusty Greenwell spider on the dropper.

Just a rough outline of  the highlights  today……

The Olive gold head didn’t last too long and was quickly replaced with the Red collar GRHE and the fish seemed more responsive to this, oddly I did hook a grayling of about 6” foul hooked in the tail, this was the second I have foul hooked this season..odd.

I took a couple of fish out of these slow runs.. small grayling but the action wasn’t as free flowing as it had been on previous outings


12” cracking fight wild fish


Just about opposite the caravan park now to the nice slow pool which I know to hold some decent fish, casting to the right hand bank here as the water is deeper here, the files hit the water and an almost instant hook up a better fish and a trout, I knew because as soon as he was hooked he jumped clear of the water and he looked a decent fish , I got him quickly on the reel but he sped away from me… stripping line off the reel and rapping my knuckles in to the bargain, not a massive run maybe 10 yards but fun all the same, another two spectacular leaps from the water and he was done, big enough to bring the net into action this one, a really nice wild fish of around 12-13” but what a solid fight brilliant for his size really… a quick snap in the landing net (he looks half the size in there!) and he was back on his merry way, hopefully I will bump in to him again next season when he has piled a bit of weight on.






16” fish wild/stocked??


Working my way  around the bend where the treated effluent  comes in the fast water quickly slows to some deep inviting pools. Made more inviting by what looked like a very respectable fish making his presence known about 20 yards down this swim and maybe five feet  out from the left hand bank. Trying to remain calm, I marked his spot in my mind. working my way towards him. First cast to his territory and nothing, two..three..four…five nothing..bugger, just one more cast..went through my mind as he was there and feeding, well I think it may  have  been another two …or maybe three casts to him, then…a solid hook up and a deep  sounding splash just under the surface, he made for his bolt hole on the left bank , I stopped him with side pressure then got him back on the reel as he slowly turned to mid stream , staying deep, rod now high above my head getting all the leverage advantage I could, he was quickly subdued though (thankfully as they are out of season) and the net got it’s second wetting of the day, a really beautifully marked fish. quickly unhooked, I took a quick couple of snaps as I held him in the water recovering, really a beautiful fish, so lucky to have fish of this standard. A couple of  minutes recovering and he slunk off back to his station, a memorable fish maybe around the 1½lb mark and more importantly a happy Mr. Blood.






Nice water past cliffs


As I alluded to in my introduction I did intend to have a bit of an exploratory this week, so after fishing in the “wall pool” I clambered out on to the right bank the re-crossed the river further down just upstream of some pretty spectacular looking cliffs, almost taking a dunking due to my lack of knowledge …really flat stone on the riverbed here to about waist deep then a sudden drop off of about a foot caught me by surprise!!

Once around the bend though there is a really nice looking pool, tiny weir then a  pool with sharp left hand bend deepens into a cracking looking run with deep  swirling water that slows down as the river straightens out under trees, I am sure there will be some hefty fish lurking in this deep dark pool.


Further round from this run the river widens briefly but there are some good looking holes on both sides of the water, next there is some sort of water inlet that creates some nice oxygen in the water and a nice run for about 30 yards down stream, certainly plenty of water to explore and maybe worth a trip in it’s own right next time?

It was a slow start to the day but picked up as the day went on and had two cracking fish in the net , the smaller one that fought like a demon, the larger one .. one of the most beautiful fish I have caught this season.

I ended up taking 9 grayling in the 4-6” range and 3 brownies best period of the day was 10.15-11.30 when I took 7 of the fish


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