8th Feb, Winlaton Mill

Sunday 8th February

I guess it’s the bad  days that make the good days so good isn’t it?

I ventured out on Sunday with a fairly heavy hangover which isn’t ideal for spending a few hours up to your bits in freezing cold water. The morning was bright and clear and as a consequence fairly bloomin’ chilly too..Breakfast demolished, I set off towards Winlaton Mill this time landing at the car park (which was rammed full) at about 11am.

Lucky me I squeezed my little Panda into a spot and kitted up…there must have been some organised dog walk on…great… as there was about 30 dogs and associated walkers congregated at one end of the car park, they sounded like a extra large pack of huskies barking and growling.. a great start.

Anyhow suitably kitted up with a couple of lead weighted nymphs tied up a couple of days before I set off upstream. Stopping this time at Butterfly bridge….nothing to do with it being closest and me having a killer hangover ,…honest gov!…

Over the bridge I went and started almost directly under the bridge, the stream runs here are quite narrow so easy to high stick the nymphs through these runs with some control, nothing in the first run though , the river bellies slightly to the right here over a shallow run which deepens on the right hand  bank, I have taken fish from this slower slightly deeper water before but today… not so much! no bites no fish showing.

The next run for me to hammer is about thirty yards on and must be 3-4 foot deep ideal water really , a nice pool of popply water that slows nicely towards the tail end, there are also a couple of nice holding spots on the left bank here too… again though nada….

Starting to realise what was coming here after about an hour or so , I worked down stream through the slower water working my nymphs but nothing , no fish showing..just me getting cold in the river!

Last pool I fished today was where the pipe comes into the river on the left, this causes some nice disruption to the main river and again in the past I have hooked decent fish in this pool which does go pretty deep under an overhanging tree on the right bank, a fairly narrow part of the river maybe about 10’ or so but a productive swim, well on most days apart from today that is! I had pretty much had enough , hangover, now pretty freezing….why I didn’t take a flask I don’t know, about two hours and that  was that.

I clambered up the steep left hand bank and unceremoniously clambered over the fence at the top…….only 2 minutes from here back to the car….cars were now parked at all sorts of obscure angles to get a spot, kit off…heater on full blast and back for a nice hot cuppa.

Not long now to the start of the trout season at just over a month , hopefully I will be able to track some grayling down on my next visit…or at least wont be hungover… disgraceful behaviour really.


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