Winlaton Mill 7th March…..Windy

Whilst mooching around in the car park kitting up today I noticed that the hawthorn bushes were starting to bud…true signs that the trout season isn’t too far away now and spring has just about sprung.

Not that you would have thought it today though, for all it wasn’t too chilly (must have been about 10-12°C) the word “gusty” doesn’t quite cover it. Very strong wind at times made casting nigh on impossible at times ; true “hold on to your hat” weather.


Parking up at about 11.20, I was on the river for  almost exactly 12 noon, after looking back through my blog earlier in the week I decided to start off with a Greenwell’s spider on the point and a (killer) brown spider on the dropper. I had previously fitted a swanky new high viz braided loop to  my line and this should make bite detection a load easier.

Plodging into the water just above high dam bite detection wasn’t a major issue for the first hour or so as the fish weren’t playing ball , no sign of a rise nothing. climbing out and just a short walk over the stone bridge, I fished through the bridge and down the nice eddying pool that runs for  about 50-60 yards, still nothing no rises.


So on went the old trusty gold head GRHE with a fairly hefty red seal collar, this had been a decent fly over the winter months, a right scruffy little  number.

Now at the bend of the river casting to the left bank and tweaking the flies as they swung round and a take, yes! at last that was me just about happy, I missed the  next couple and in between gusts hooked and lost a small fish at my feet. I spend maybe 30 minutes here getting the odd pull the odd long distance release and the odd lost fish, happy days.


working my way around just above the tree pool and I had a solid take and fish on!! he put up a decent fight coming up stream at me them making for the strong current I quickly turned him… keeping a close eye on my braided loop (hoping I had fitted it correctly) , I am pleased to report everything stayed strong and I had the first fish to hand a lovely wild fish of about 9” taken at ******pm on the trusty GRHE


Now at the tree pool and the wind (and me fitting too long a leader) was making things more than a little tricky, I did however spy a small rise right at the end of this pool. Slowly working my way  down  towards him without further success I was now within casting distance to where he rose in the slack water.

Two… three casts and nothing, the “widow” to cast through trees here is quite tight for  my cack handed technique but another two casts and a nice take deep and slow, I tightened into him and he was (momentarily) on.. after a very  short scrap.. me keeping my rod high ..I failed to remember all the trees around me ..the rod tip connected with said overhanging branches and off he went on his merry way. Not a massive fish  maybe around the 9-10” mark but a shame not to get to see him.

That was about me for the day, one last  final indignation was flicking most of my cast around the aforementioned branches and another 2 lost flies…making it a nice round 4 lost on the day…probably about as many as the whole of last season.

anyhow walking out the side of the river I  noticed loads of fish moving away in the slack water.. good to know it holds a few in there for future visits , I will have a pop at those on my next visit

All in all it was a decent day, it certainly felt like the trout season was just around the corner and after about 1pm the fish turned on a little bit. Looks like I might have a bit of a mid-week special lined up on Wednesday so see how we do


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