11th March….dirty blank!

Whoever said spring had sprung I think must need their head checking…oh right that was me then wasn’t it!!

Anyway… I had a nice midweek holiday booked off for what will be my last visit to the river Derwent for the 2014-2015 season. With the Grayling going out of season on the 15th March that is it now until Sunday 22nd.

I suspect there won’t be a great stampede on the Derwent on opening day …and if there is it might mean I bump into another angler for a change!!

Today I headed out to the same stretch of water I fished at the weekend, I had tied some replacement flies up over the weekend to replace the ones I had decorated the local trees with in the wind last time out. I did tie up a (what I thought) was a nice looking flashback GRHE so that got a swim today to see what the fish thought of it (not a lot as it turned out), On the dropper I stuck a brown spider which served me so well this past season when Olives were about.

Surprisingly it WAS spring like as I got my kit in the car the sun was warm on my back, still blustery, although not as bad as my previous trip and maybe around 10-12°C or there about.

I landed at the car park about 12 noon or so. I had already decided to have a good go at the pool at the top of the tree pool and after a bit of chatter with an interested walker I set about this pool, the river is pretty low and clear right now and there were no fish moving, some cloud cover had set in though. Casting upstream to where the tree pool ends the water must be about 3-4’ deep here retrieving the slack  line as the flies came back toward me  but nothing doing…..I covered this whole pool fairly well I thought but without any success.

Onwards and upwards though; over the stone bridge and up a  little past High dam this  time. there is a very nice popply run here maybe runs for 30-40 yards and is a very nice depth of maybe 2-3 feet for a lot of this pool , a really nice looking run and casting isn’t too difficult…even for me!! Still despite how well it may look… today …not so much not as a touch but I was determined to persevere with my new super fly as I did all the way down to the stone bridge. Through the two very nice runs just above high dam …nothing .. no rises spotted.

Now at the bridge, I once again fished through the bridge fishing both small runs that split through the bridge and … right out the other side. The temperature had noticeably dropped now and the wind was cold. I worked downstream to the bend and was here at about the same  time as the weekend when the bites started, I had half a dozen casts with the “super” (or not so  super) fly but nothing…time for a change, on went the gold head with nice red collar. I did notice a sporadic “hatch” of olives coming off.. not really enough to call it a hatch but still it’s something Fifteen minutes later and nothing no bites no rises…just feeling a lot colder.. and the odd spot of rain to compound my fun!!

Walking a bit downstream and at the pool  just above the tree pool now, the rain now a heavy drizzle and freezing cold it was too. Towards the end of this pool and a hook up and fish on….. and fish off!! however it did peek my interest a little, very next cast and another strong take and again fish  on.. and quickly off!! hmmm still a take is a take and maybe things were picking up?

Down to the tree pool now and that always raises my hopes as it normally fishes well. Not today though the wind and the rain had dropped the temperature dramatically. I did climb out and walk  to the run just above the butterfly bridge for about 20 minutes or so,  a nice wide run that funnels down somewhat and runs deep on the right hand bank around an old tree, a great looking pool, maybe later in the season I suspect but not today…my hands hadn’t quite gone blue just that nice red colour before blue….enough was enough, it was freezing.. and spring seemed months away!!

It is  always nice to get out on the river especially during midweek  but I think the much colder condition really hampered the fishing today finishing up with a dirty blank, the temperature drop was fairly dramatic… back home and by late afternoon it had totally warmed back up and spring seemed to be back again.

Well that’s it for the season and start it all over again on Sunday 22nd for opening day.


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