Opening day 22nd March 2015

Well opening day of the 2015-2016 trout season seems to have come around fairly quickly this year.


I have fished sporadically through the winter but certainly not as regular as during the trout season, there have been mixed results this winter with a few blanks thrown in. For some strange reason I expect the trout to just switch on at the start of the season , as if by some mystical reason they know  it is time to feed…it doesn’t quite work out like that  in the main.


After 3 full on days of manfluenza, to be honest the last thing I fancied was a trip to the river, however over breakfast Mrs. Blood asked if I was still going and I couldn’t resist. I set off armed with a packet of fruit polo’s….a quality fishing sweet!!


I had already had the dogs pootled around the block and it was a fair beautiful day .. although maybe not for fishing, the sky was just about clear and bright sunshine had the temperature up at about 12°C or so by the time I arrived at Rowlands Gil at 11.30.



It was… unfortunately extremely busy.. not to be put off though I was kitted up with a gold head GRHE on the point and a brown spider on the dropper, flies that both worked quite early last year, according to my blog.


Walking along to the weir pool where I had intended to start the river looked in superb condition. easing in to the water and making my way  across the river to the far bank , no sign of fish moving…plenty of dog walkers and day trippers though.


Starting at the top of the weir pool I worked my flies close in then covered the slacker water between the faster runs, working right down to the slacker water towards the end of this  run, without any success. I did notice a couple of  “bubble floaters” who landed right at the top of this pool just before I left


Crossing over the shallow water to the split in the river once again fishing the nearside bank .. first.. but again strangely quiet , nothing showing either. I skipped back upstream to fish the far split but again with similar results.


Time for a change up on goes a Greenwell’s spider on the point, sticking a partridge and orange on the dropper


Now at one of the best pools for me at Rowlands Gil that runs deep and dark under overhanging trees, I swung these more  natural flies through these inviting runs but with the same unfortunately predictable results.


I climbed out here and walked around the bend to  where the effluent pipe feeds into  the river, just on the  bend I noticed a small rise midstream he didn’t seem like a big fish but you never can tell… I cast just to the  left of him and let the flies swing around to his rough location, a little tweak on the flies and he took a confident take and short scrap, I was desperate not to lose him and end up with a potential blank! a nice little brownie saved my opening day blushes, falling to the partridge and orange on the dropper at about 1.50.


I fished the slower water right on the bend here, I suspect some decent fish will be taken out of here as the season progresses but not today… I climbed up the bank and over the fence to walk back up to the river split to have another go there. Maybe the fish were coming on for a late afternoon go!!


It was not to be however too many kids throwing sticks , plodging and dog walkers about , I called it a day around 3pm.


A slow start to the season, maybe I would have been better off fishing the Winlaton Mill stretch that might have been somewhat quieter? however I still managed to get one fish to hand…better than a blank and there were a couple of rises from around 2pm or so , I will be out on Saturday all being well to fish both stretches, a  later start to the session might  make for a more successful trip I think.



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