Good Friday 3rd April

A bit of an  Easter special this time.

Unfortunately due to my impatience I couldn’t wait to get out so Good Friday it was, which just turned out to be the worst day of the Easter break. I awoke early and it wasn’t quite raining but it was very very damp and around 9-10°C by the time I had set off it was a mizzly rain and very overcast, certainly not the worst conditions for fishing but not pleasant as it stayed like that pretty much throughout the whole day.

Anyhow there’s always a positive and at least the carpark was best part empty as I arrived around 11.30. Arriving upstream of the viaduct around high noon!


No fish were seen to be rising on my walk up. I started off with a gold head GRHE and my orange spider (as yet unsuccessful) on the dropper. I am going to catch a fish on this bloody fly if it kills me as it looks like a winner…although the fish say differently up to now!!

I worked my way down all the likely spots towards the viaduct without any luck persevering with these flies until I  landed at high dam. It was now around 1.30 or so and there was the odd olive coming off although not nearly enough to call it a hatch.


I noticed a fish rising fairly confidently mid-stream where the pool  starts to tail out somewhat, I ran the gold head past him two or three times without interest so time for a change, off came the  gold head and on went the super brown spider.

This brought an almost instant response first or second cast and a strong take from this confident riser , I stuck and he was on , for an instant, then off. He felt like a decent size fish but despite  my repeated casts he wasn’t going to be tricked again. Hopes raised that I had stumbled upon the correct fly though were reinforced when I had a couple of small nips at my flies further down this run.

I worked my way from the bridge to  the nice run on the bend and after about 5 minutes on this pool had another hook up, a smaller fish this  time and he was on longer, maybe 10 seconds or so  before he slipped the hook, there was now a bit of  life  showing in the river with the occasional riser here and there.

It was at the tree pool that I spotted one of these very risers, unsure of his size.. it’s always so difficult to tell from the rise form.. but he  rose two or three times in a few minutes right  at the entrance to this pool and second cast to his area brought that lovely pull on the line and FISH ON!! he fought admirably for his size pulling hard then a bit of an aerial display before I slipped him into my awaiting net. A very nice brown trout , around the 10” mark.. falling to the brown spider, blank off! happy days


I worked my way through the rest of this small pool and did  notice a fish right at the mouth of this pool, three, four , five casts to him but he wouldn’t play but he was well on the feed it has to be said.

not to be outsmarted though .. well..  out I climbed and he was still feeding, on went an olive klinkhamer, first an olive…two or three good drifts and nothing, ok try a double badger……. and a rise to the fly but he came up short didn’t actually take.. black klinkhamer was next up….nothing, I must have spent maybe half an hour or so bothering this poor soul and on this instance the cold got the better of me.

I think the almost constant drizzle had slowly froze me as I was struggling to tie a tucked blood knot so enough was almost enough, I did have a half-hearted go just above butterfly bridge and this was long enough for me to lose my spool of 4lb nylon!

So on that note I set off home.

It was a decent day all in all, arriving a little early I almost mentally wrote off the first few hours until the fish came alive around 1.30, it was almost constant drizzle and it did feel like the river level did rise / colour up ever so slightly around mid-day, however it’s nice to be out…even nicer to get a few pulls and a fish to hand.

True to form the rest of the Easter weekend was wall to wall sunshine… ho-hum


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