11th April…a bit windy

11th April… Windy

True to form the excellent weather of the preceding 4 days broke just in time for the weekly fishing trip, Saturday morning was about 12°C cloudy (no bad thing) and very blustery at times, not ideal for a spring fishing trip, Monday – Friday of this week had been clear skies…warm to about 18°C ,so a fair drop in temperature.

I HAD to be patient for this trip as I was awaiting a delivery of mono from our friends on EBay , them and the post office came up with the goods… a 300 meter roll of 4lm monofilament in the nick of time with the postie landing at around 11.30.


No sooner was it unwrapped and I had the car packed and off I set…destination Winlaton Mill….the car parking Gods were smiling on me though as I arrived just as a bod was leaving….giving me the last spot in the car park…. nothing sweeter!!

I set up with a brown spider on the point and  a cochybhonndu on the dropper and set off up stream again past the viaduct.  Upon arriving at my starting spot the wind was blowing fairly hard, on the upside though there were a few olives about and a fish already rising, four , five casts drifted past his greedy snout but he wouldn’t take, off came the brown spider and on went a GRHE with red collar. Two more casts to him and a little tweak of the flies brought a take although I am not sure it was from the rising fish, however beggars cannot be choosers a fish is a fish and a nice small wild brownie quickly came to hand , something like 6” and taken within 15 minutes of landing… a good start.


The wind however seemed to be having an  increasing influence on the day , often I would have to delay a cast until the gusts of wind dropped, they were ripping across the surface of the water.

I fished through the two nice runs above high dam but I fear the dog walker throwing huge logs in to the water 5 minutes before I got there may have put paid to this run, I gave it a quick go anyway but there was nothing showing and nothing biting.

Next up was a run through the stone bridge which was something akin to a wind tunnel by now, levitating my line on the back cast it was so strong. Unperturbed I continued through the run at the other end of the wind tunnel and was rewarded with a take and another hook up .. and a decent fight it has to be said, pulling in to the main stream before I turned him towards me , not big enough to net but a nicely spotted 8” brownie again taken on the GRHE red collar.

Next up was the pool on the bend and I am fairy confident going in to this pool as I normally get some action here, fishing both streams here and into the slower tail of the pool where it deepens, for once this pool didn’t produce anything.

Last run of the day was old faithful, the small tree pool. Once again it didn’t let me down a cast to an occasional riser, a little tweak of the flies brought a pull and a take for the best fish of the day after a quick scrap, a brownie of  around 10” was in my mitts.

It was a pretty tough day overall again, I fished for something like 4 hours today for three fish.. on the upside though I managed to hook three fish from three takes so got to be please with something approaching a bit of concentration from myself,  saying that it IS slowly getting better as the weather warms up. Later in the afternoon seems to be the more productive time 3-4pm seems to be the time things warm up a little on the bite stakes.

I think a trip to Rowlands Gill and beyond will be the order of the day this coming weekend, maybe have a better go at some of the water I explored at the back end of last season

I may have to lash a few flies up for the trip as I managed to leave a few in the trees this weekend, I blame the wind.


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