18th April, Rowlands Gill

It was Rowlands Gill’s turn for my fishing attention today.

Another bright sunny day was on the card with some cloud but thankfully little or no wind that has hampered my last few visits to the river Derwent so far this year.

I arrived at the river about 11.30 or so today…trying my hardest not to get there too early as all my records tell me fishing can be slow on the morning at this time of year.

I had a run through the weir pool with no response to my gold head GRHE (red collar)  so changed up to a March Brown type gold head with a Greenwell’s spider dangling on the dropper. A couple of gentle pulls towards the end of this weir pool told me that I may have been on the right track but no hook ups, all the same promising to get some attention to the flies.


I fished through the nearside split on the river without any luck and the next deep run under the trees with the same response….I KNEW it was too early.

Just opposite the caravan park I was met by one of the club bailiff’s who after checking my permit showed me how to get further downstream without navigating the “step of death” just up from the cliffs. It is a bit of Guerrilla combat work to get through but a load easier than my last efforts around that way….

Anywhoo the reward is some belting looking water. Firstly a beautiful looking weir pool that bends in to slower deeper water, I fished through this and it was now about 1.30 or so but no fish  showing and no takes here either.

Next is a fairly deep pool where there is a water inlet, this runs for 30-40 yards or so and I am sure there will be fish here later in the season just not today.

Following straight on from this run is a nice popply run that also has a little depth to it too, fishing from the left hand bank here, and casting towards a tree on the right hand bank I took the first fish of the day at 14:05  taken on a Greenwell’s Spider, a few fish were starting to show now and within a couple of minutes I had the second of the day on the same  fly both fish around the 6-8” mark.

I could see the oddly coloured almost bright red tree that marks the next pool about 50 yards further down a nice pool that looks fairly deep on the right hand bank a path runs on the  right hand bank so there were plenty of questions as folk meandered by.


I took my time fishing this pool and was rewarded first with a 6” brown taken from the slack water  again on the Greenwell’s spider , then within a couple of minutes casting to a regular riser who turned out to be the biggest of the day , a modest 10” Brownie taken on the red collar GRHE, he made a good fight of it too scurrying u

All fish were taken between 14:05 and 14:35.  after that I fished further downstream without any more action.  To say it is tricky access would be a major understatement there are a couple of nice pools but I will only be venturing past the “red tree pool” on rare occasions I suspect, it was a right kerfuffle getting back upstream!!

Looking back over the first month of the season where I have been hitting the river at about 11am….it normally doesn’t start to fish until 2pm nearly all my fish so far this year coming between 1pm and 4pm.

It was an enjoyable session today, slowly … slowly the river seems to be turning on. It has been unseasonably hot this week with cooler cloudier forecast for the weekend so should be good fishing this weekend too all being well

Go to fly today was Greenwell’s spider which accounted for three of the four fish caught today.


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