25th April, stockie bashing!!

To say it was a red letter day might be a bit of an understatement..

I managed to stay in the house until about 12.15 or so before setting off today. I think the official description of the weather would be drizzle…turning to a heave drizzle.. this dried up somewhat as I got to the river but was still overcast and noticeably cooler than the preceding few days

I arrived at the river today at around 12.45……..

After about 10 minutes in the first pool without so  much as a knock, towards the end of this pool the fun started…, I hooked 4 stock fish in 25 minutes all falling to the GRHE with red collar, the first of these putting up a brilliant fight before coming to the net after a good couple of minutes tussle…next run and a rarity for the day a nice wild fish.. something like 6” but falling to the same fly


the next pool was slower though and this is where the stock fish were sitting it seemed took another couple of fish in the 14-15” range, both of these falling to a Greenwell’s  spider.


Next to hand was a beautifully finned grayling about 8”

Last pool I fished today there were bumper takings to be had between 14.25 and 15.20 I landed 9 stock fish on a mix of red collared GRHE and Greenwell’s spider, almost a pull a cast and by 15.20 I had enough, it was like shooting fish in a barrel. To the point of a couple of double hook ups

I would assume that the stocking of the river had taken place in the days preceding my visit as once you found the fish they seemed easy to catch.. unless I have become an expert fly fisherman over the last 10 days or so , which I haven’t  . More likely they were still shoaling and hadn’t gone their separate ways just yet

I have deliberately not mentioned locations fished on this report as I don’t want this entry to be a source for any unscrupulous poachers who might take advantage of recent river stockings.

I ended up with 17  fish in just under 2 and a half hours

Anywhoo needless to say I will be back on the river this coming Saturday although less incognito as I suspect the stockies will have found a more reclusive location by them!



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