4th May Bank Holiday Monday

Blimey talk about Bank holiday madness or what , I had intended a nice trip up to Rowlands Gill today but upon arrival… down the hill to the carpark.. it was mobbed cars parked on the grass verge, carpark full of cars…I could only imagine how busy the riverbanks would have been with folks, so a definite no-go there then


I turned tail and it half went through my head just to head home but a last minute change of heart pointed my trusty steed in the direction of Linzford Mill. A beautiful part of the club waters that I only fish a couple of  times a year to be honest.


I pitched up near the garden centre leaving a half mile walk along the roadside to the path that cuts down to the river, a beautiful walk, once you get off the road.. dappled in sunshine through the early spring leaves. It is just 5 minutes to the river once you get off the road but you could be miles away it seems as it is so isolated.


The path leads you directly to the long slow deep pool , the deepest water being on the far bank shrouded in trees, although casting is easier this time of year before the trees are in full plumage!


I got down to the river and walked 150 yards or so  upstream , just walking up by the side of the river on exposed pebbles, finally stopping at a nice run of maybe 50 yards


It looks a good depth it must have been around noon by the time I got there.. and just second cast in a really savage take and fish on, he seriously wanted my Gold head GRHE with red collar and after a minute or so I got him to hand. A really nice wild fish of around 12” he had taken the fly pretty deep and I needed my snipe nose pliers to remove it before releasing him back to the water.


I worked through this pool really carefully and slowly without any action until about half way down it when I had a very  strong tug after casting to a rising fish, he was on and off but felt like a decent fish too. Curiously I spent another half an hour or so casting to this area and had another more gently enquiry but no solid hook ups.


I worked my way  out the end of the pool and into the slower deeper water without any more fish but had another couple of decent takes, without hook-ups.


It was  just a quick session  today and I only stayed for a couple of hours up there, it is certainly worth more time as there are some  beautiful looking water  and I imagine some very decent sized fish as I  don’t think a lot of folk get up there too often.


I have a  trip  planned to get out up at Rowlands Gill this Saturday and give it a good go as I suspect that the day-trippers will mostly be at home, then next week an afternoon / evening session up at Langley , happy days




2 thoughts on “4th May Bank Holiday Monday”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the new post, keep up the good work. Just a quick question on access at the Lintzford section, can you give me some more detail on directions how to get to the water please, the club map is not that detailed and the time I drove past it looked like private driveways, any help appreciated, have heard it’s more secluded than the country park sections, know what you mean about bank holiday dogs! Seems like most weekends are getting like that now.



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    1. Hi David,

      If you park on the slip road before the garden centre then walk back down the road about 800 yards or so until you get to the Rowland gill to assign.. with a big iron kite on it.. turn right off the road right there and that path leads right down to the river

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