Blustery Langley Dam 21st May

21st May Langley Dam,

Well it was time for my annual pilgrimage to Langley Dam again and you cannot beat a midweek fishing session, half day booked, weather was looking fine, flies tied up all was looking rosy.

I set off for Langley from work , about a twenty minute drive from work , I landed there about 12.30 and to my surprise it was more than a little blustery, surprising as it was almost still in Hexham as I set off, unperturbed though I started kitting up and the sight of loads of hawthorn flies coming off made me stick a black spider on the dropper , Dawsons olive on the point.

I paid up for a 6 hour , 4 fish ticket and set off to the water.

I decided to fish the bay just down from the lodge, the wind was blowing left to right , right into this bay , so I thought it might be a good starting point… and so it proved after about 20 minutes a pull whilst retrieving… for once I didn’t strike and kept retrieving and the fish came back and fish on!!

I think it’s true to say the quality of fish up at Langley is truly superb the fight like stink and despite my behemoth of a rod he put up a belting fight for a couple of minutes before I slipped my net under him, blank off!! It’s always nice to get a fish early on.


I looked over the water to see my fishing buddy for the day Malcolm slipping his  net under a rainbow, what turned out to be his second of the day off the dam wall.

I had a walk over there and after 25 minutes or so later and no action I decided to have a go on the dries as there was a few fish showing, first cast and a swirl to the flies but no hook up, that was as good as it got on the dries although I did  persevere for another 40 minutes or so.

now along the bank the runs along to Cookson bay the wind now at around mid-afternoon made things almost impossible to cast along this bank , I did persevere along here trying lures and buzzers, but between 3-4pm it was beyond tricky , I had enough of this hard work and headed back to where I started in the small bay down from the lodge.


Again after 10-15 minutes I had a solid take and a hook up, a slightly bigger fish and he pulled the rod round and took some line off the real , putting an excellent scrap up before coming to hand at around 2½lb. again on the Dawson’s time for a quick cuppa but it was so windy the tea was blowing horizontal…unperturbed I managed to get some in the cup and have a 5 minute break.

Back to the same spot and I was quickly into what would have been fish number 3 but he was off the hook almost as quickly as he was on.

I climbed out here and moved around a bit to the reed bed and first cast bang, fish on, he hit the flies almost as soon as they hit the water, taking the Bibio on the dropper. I had to be careful here as I was in between 2 reed beds leaving 15-20 feet to steer the fish to the net, not such a tough fight from this one as I bullied him to the waiting net and fish number three was in the bag.


Things had certainly livened up about 4.30 or so. I stopped for a bit of crack with Malcolm then headed off to the dam wall again.

The wind had eased off somewhat now leaving a very nice evening to fish , it was about 10 minutes in that number 4 came to the net again on the Bibio, slow steady retrieve then a tightening of the line, plenty of open water here to play the fish who stayed deep most of the fight before I got him on the bank.

That still left time for another take and snapped!! he didn’t feel like a particularly big fish so I wonder if he snagged my line on an underwater obstruction but he was away.. with my flies..

There was only 20 minutes or so left on my ticket but I did re-set up and have a last go to no avail, that was it for the day. Testing conditions doesn’t cover it, it really wasn’t fun for a couple of hour mid-afternoon, not cold at all but the wind was impossible for my mediocre casting, I think between the pair of us we made a canny fist of it though me ending with 4 and Malcolm with a brace. the only other two people who I spoke to on the lake were also finding it tough one blanking the other with one to hand.

Dawson Olive and Bibio doing the damage today.


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