Mayfly madness!! 30th May Rowlands Gill

Back to my usual routine of Saturday on the river this week. I awoke to bright sunshine and a near cloudless sky, it must have been something like 14°C when I set off for the river a little earlier than usual this time, leaving the house at around 10.15 am. Little or no wind to speak of. DSCF0629 I arrived at Rowlands Gill at something like 10.45 and set off for my usual start point noticing a fellow angler in that nice slow deep run down past the split. I set off to my usual starting point at the weir pool. Armed with a red collar GRHE and Cochybhonndu on the dropper…once again nothing doing here , this run has been a bit quitter since a bit of activity earlier in the season. However unperturbed onto the split in the river and first fish of the day came to hand towards the end of the split on the red collar a nice wild brown around 8” taken around 11.10.  I then moved to where the river re-joins, nothing at the top of this run but a solid thump and a hook up here a splash fight ensued in the shallower water and a very nice fish of around 13” on the same fly , after a brief recovery I slipped him back to fight another day. DSCF0630 I followed this up with another smaller wild fish again of around 8” taken on the cochybhonndu at around 11.30, 3 fish in the first 30-40 minutes or so was a decent start for me! I did fish “the pool that looks great but isn’t” from the right hand bank hoping for a change of luck with this run.. unfortunately not, it remains with its initial name for now.. although I will persevere. DSCF0632 The angler I saw 20 minutes earlier was still on the nice slow run, I stopped for a bit of crack, he hadn’t had much look , I climbed out and moved down to the pool just above the blue pipe.. drawing a blank here but I did notice what seemed like a nice fish rise in that deep pool on the left hand side…. three casts in and I had a hook up. A solid fish who burrowed deep in this deep pool finally coming to the net at around 14” and again on the red collar. I took this one for the pot. DSCF0633 true to form the next fish was smallest of the day from just down opposite the caravan park, a small brownie around the 5” mark…surprisingly on the black spider I had changed up to after seeing some black flies about!!  odd that! I had actually stuck a double badger dry on the point and black spider on the dropper, I was after what looked like a substantially sized persistent riser but he wouldn’t play however a few yards further down on the far bank , right tight in was another rising fish, a tricky cast no doubt but I managed to get my flies right on him , I saw a swirl at the flies and struck , I thought  he had taken the dry but upon landing this 11” brownie he had taken the spider, still a fish is a fish. DSCF0636 I climbed out and walked around to the effluent pool… a really nicely named pool but believe me it is nice than I have named it about 60-100 yards of deep slow water, lots of hidie holes for some fat trout. I don’t think I have ever seen so many flies in the air, really small flies there were clouds and clouds of them to the point of obscuring the view of the river, I could hear fish rising but couldn’t actually see the rise for the flies…what I could see though were a good few mayflies on the river…..into my box and out cam my only mayfly ..Kindly given to me by a friend. there is some tricky casting in this area, not much of a back cast and over hanging trees on the left bank ,however it was now the fun really started. The fish were really keyed in on the mayfly and I took 5 fish between 1.15 and 14.45  11”, 14” , 12”  15”  14” all really nice fish all taken on the Mayfly I kept one more of these for the pot, a brace being the limit on the river. All giving good hard fight and putting a nice bend in the rod. It really is nice taking fish on the dry fly I spent the last hour buggering about right on the bend past this run casting under a tree at I think 2 fish.. I did manage a couple of rises but couldn’t get them to stick. at about 4.30 I was done in and the wine was calling…. For such a bright day it was better than I expected, started pretty well with plenty of pulls and fish almost throughout the day with few if any lulls in the action , Mayfly was fly of the day with honourable mention  to old faithful red collar GRHE. Off up to Keswick this weekend for a bit of river and Stillwater action, then all being well back on the Derwent on Monday!


9 thoughts on “Mayfly madness!! 30th May Rowlands Gill”

  1. U do realise that u can only use single fly on the derwent on both park and bottom stretches so u admitting u poaching affectavly

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