18th July 2015 – Good to be back , Rowlands Gill

Well it had seemed like an age since I have seriously back on the water, something like 5-6 weeks.


In the meantime I had purchased a new fly line , a WF floating jobby off ebay for about £8, it had sat loaded on my reel for the last 4 weeks or so teasing me that I couldn’t fish, also added a new D ring to the back of my waistcoat that had snapped, I was all geared up with no place to go.


However I had neglected to charge my camera battery hence the lack of photographs for this report.


I was up sharp on Saturday … itching to get out, car loaded up, you wouldn’t think it was July, it was fairly chilly and overcast as I packed the car so much so that I nipped back in to get my neck buff.


I arrived at Rowlands Gil at something like 9.45 waders on and stomped off towards the weirpool. However as I was kitted up with an Adams dry on the point I decided to give this a go and stepped into the water near the BBQ’s and Joy of joys about second cast in a slash at my fly and a instant hook up a little brownie of around 7” to hand, a good start.


I really like this run it is nice and deep and dark and a few fish were rising too I did manage to rise another couple of fish from this run but they either rejected pretty quickly or I was a bit tardy in striking… I suspect the latter to be honest.



Done with this pool I climbed up the bank and walked to the weirpool , another rise and a miss then I decided to switch to wet fly and fish down the river.


on went a red collar gold head GRHE.. seemingly the longest named fly in the world on the dropper the old faithful cochybhonndu, a particular favourite of mine, although as I tied it it bares a scant resemblance to the original.


I worked through the weirpool without a bite or seeing a fish. On to the split in the river , it’s amazing how much the river has changed in my 6 week absence, the banks are now 6’ high with Himalayan Balsam and various other goodies, making casting more than a bit tricky on this stretch.


the river level is also pretty low..plenty of excuses right there! However despite my poor flies and overgrown bank I took another brownie on the Cochybhonndu slightly smaller maybe 6” taken just after 11am so a pretty quiet hour between 10 and 11. Things were warming up though both in temperature and fish activity.I took another fish just past the split in the river on the GRHE again small at 6” taken at 11.17.



Now at the BBQ pool where I had started and I took another fish surprisingly a grayling of about 9” about half way through this pool again on the GRHE a lovely little shimmering bar of silver.


The river really seemed to switch on now between noon and 1pm. Fishing through the blue pipe pool, another grayling fell to the charms of the Cochybhonndu a nicer fish around 12” taken just after 12.15 in the next 45 minutes it was decent action another 5 fish 2 grayling and three brownies Cochybhonndu seemed to be the fly to use today as 4 of these fish fell to this fly including a decent stockfish of around 13” who put up a sterling fight before succumbing to the net.


that was about me for the day though. Three and a bit hours a bit of a lull in the early morning maybe down to the cold temperatures but after that there was some decent action to be had.


so nice to be back out on the river though , will do it all again on Saturday maybe have a little look up to Winlaton Mill , there is a fish I have been after for weeks, so he will get some of my attention



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