Winlaton Mill 25th July

I headed off to Winlaton Mill for my fishing exploits today , I had a couple of things on in the morning…getting over a killer hangover being top of the list!! then I set off to the river at something like 1pm a little later than usual.

It was ideal conditions really , not too hot…being British Summer….a bit overcast with the odd shower here and there too.

I arrived and parked up and set up with a cochybhonndu on the point and a Greenwell’s spider on the dropper, flies that have stood me in good stead over the last few visits.

I set off to the aptly named “dog walk pool”  there were a couple of “youths” cans of ale in hand and just to show you shouldn’t judge were an affable couple of lads and had a bit chat before getting in the water about 1.30.


There was almost instant action , a few fish were already showing and it wasn’t long before I was into my first fish  a small brownie of about 6” taken on the point fly. It has to be said it was a pretty hectic start with 4 fish coming to hand in the first 15 minutes on the river all brown trout, 8,8 and 7” good fun. all taken on the cochybhonndu apart form one on the Greenwell


Enough here , I walked down to the first nice run above high dam and the fish were getting bigger , this  time a 10” brownie who scrapped well above his weight taken just before 2.30.


Now in the slower waster after the second run I had a bit of an odd one, a fish rose on the right hand bank, seriously the water here must be something like 3-4” he must have been grubbing about in the silt, but first cast he was on, another nice fish of 12” fairly difficult to net in such shallow water, but net him I did and carefully slipped him back.

The best and penultimate fish of the day was still to come.. he was a regular riser on the far bank.. slow water where the river narrows somewhat, maybe on 15’ wide at this point, he was a confident and regular feeder though, it wasn’t really a cast more of a flick of the flies. he took them and he was off downstream, I let him go the tried to turn him , he felt a weight but I got him facing upstream getting some line on the reel, he seriously bent my rod, I honestly thought it was going to give! A few splashes on the top and he was done though. Thankfully my rod… and more surprisingly my knots held firm, a really beautiful fish of around 15” looked like a wild fish , I held him steady for a few minutes before he swam back off to his lair.


I fished down past the bridge and bend without a great deal of action until I got just past the bend, a pretty fast riffly run, I noticed a fish slash at my flies just behind a small patch of weeds, it would only be about 7’ from where I stood, second cast and he took, a quick fight … once I got him out of the strong current another very decent fish slightly smaller than the last one at about 14” but nice all the same, taken on black and peacock spider….which fell out in the net..

It was a pretty quick session today , warming up as I got on the river with some very short sporadic showers along the way , the fish seemed to get bigger as the day went on.. which was fine by me. Cochybhonndu  doing most of the damage today


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