Bank holiday weekend 2016-2017

A few reports rolled into one for your delectation …


Firstly Good Friday 25.03.16


My intention was to get out around lunchtime, knowing full well that the river doesn’t fish overly well before noon at this time of year but as usual I couldn’t contain my excitement and was out on the river by something like 10am. It was fairly bright and maybe around 12°C when I landed


There were plenty of dog walkers and runners around when I landed at Winlaton Mill. I walked up to just above high dam and didn’t spot any fish rising on the meander up there.


As suspected it was slow going, no rises … no flies , nothing doing. I did lash through the fly box as I worked my way down to the stone bridge… not good. I was at the bridge about 1pm and had a hook up under the bridge, what looked like a semi decent Grayling was on and off before you could say BLANK.


I worked down to the bend which is a particularly good pool and had a very decent pull here but again managed to miss it.. That was about it for this trip , I was away by about 2pm … probably the time I should have landed there truth be known.





Monday 28.03.16


Mrs Blood must have had enough of my witty repartee as I was given a pass for an extra Bank holiday treat. It was a totally different day to the Friday , being overcast and a fair bit cooler. So.. I decided to have a little trip up to Rowlands Gil. My excitement finally burst at around 11.30 and I set to….. getting on the river around 12 noon… a bit more like it but still a little early for so soon in the season I feel.


I plopped into the river right on the split… my god the floods have totally changed the river here…. the island that split the river in two has been “scoured” almost flat, a tree trunk that had been sat at the top of this part has gone… must have weighed around 4-5 tonnes, incredible.


the changing landscape was as good as it got today!! I fished all the way down to the caravan park, most of the debris has been dumped just past the BBQ’s thus totally changing the pool about 50 yards downstream.


Despite my best efforts I managed to pull another blank off today leaving the water around 4pm…2 in a row…… I’m on a roll alright



Saturday 9th April


It was noticeable warmer today , clear skies and maybe around 13°C give or take the river was showing +2” on Fishpal , I had my new starter with me today and we were up by high dam at around 1pm.


There was noticeably more fly life about today and as John worked through the First pool we notice a fish rise…happy days, John had a go at him first … then I did as I followed him through the pool but he wouldn’t play.


We worked through the two nice runs just above high dam .. I noticed one other rise and a few olives showing so stuck a Greenwell’s Spider on the dropper. As John had to be away for 3 pm we decided to get to the stone bridge and fish through there…..I went through first and … nothing, a hatrick of blanks was on the cards as I worked through the bend pool …just coming out of this run I noticed a fish rise. My problem is trying to remain calm and just slowly work towards him through the remainder of the pool, he rose again as I got close, within casting distance, first cast , he ignored. Second time around he went for it though and the line tightened. I stuck into him and he was on!! a short fight ensued midstream before I got him to the net.


A very nice wild fish maybe about 13” taken on a the Greenwell’s spider.. quickly slipped back to get on with his business.


That was just about it for the day, john hooked and lost what looked like a similarly decent fish so he’s on the right track!!


It’s been a pretty slow start to the season, certainly slower than the last few years that’s for sure.


All being well I will be out on Saturday up at Rowlands Gill see how I get on..





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