1st May High Dam

I had initially planned to get out on to the river on Saturday but good old fishpal showed the river up at +4″ so that was a no go.

Sunday it was then and a quick check online found the river to have dropped to 2″ It was overcast outside and not too cold at maybe 10-12°C. I had John my apprentice!! with me today.



We met around 12 noon at the carpark.I was set up with a Greenwell’s spider on the point and a brown spider on the dropper.

We set off to a few hundred yards above High Dam and I let John fish through the first pool, an inviting pool that has a nice depth and decent flow. Just as he worked down the pool we spotted a fish rising. Four cast later or so he was into his first ever fish on the fly..a nice fish of around 9-10″ or so taken on the Greenwells spider.n To say he looked pleased was an understatement.



I followed through this pool getting into the water just after 12.30. there were a good few flies about and a few fish rising too. It was to one of these fish that I cast to and got a thumping take a decent scrap ensued and I used the net for this fish  of around 9″ taken on the Brown spider … a good start ..blank was off by just after 12.45



Next up was the first of two runs that look very fishy but it seems they don’t always live up to their fishy appearance. Not to be put off though towards the end of this pool there was more fish showing and I was quickly into a slightly better fish who fought hard and bore deep , pulling my rod round  before I got him to the net a nice wild fish of around 12″ again on the brown spider take at 1.30

I was now at the slacker water working closer to the weir. There is some nice water here and there was one fish after another rising. It was now 2pm and time for another fish! This time a brownie of around 10″ taken on the Greenwell’s spider.

We stuck around here for a while and I took another fish of around 8″ on the Greenwells before We headed downstream to the stone bridge.

John had to head off but I thought I would have an hour or so fishing the bend pool downstream of the bridge.about three casts in as I worked down this pool I have a savage pull and .. fish on. he pulled a bit line as he made for mid stream but I eventually turned him out of the current and into my net, a really beautiful fish  only about 10″ and taken on the Greenwell’s again but his colours were spectacular, steely blue around his gill case.



Last but not least was a smaller fish taken 10 minutes later at just after 3.15 a nice 7″ fish on the Greenwell.


I did fish the run about 100 yards up from the Butterfly bridge and there are some fish to be had from here but not today, that was me done at about 3.30.


It was the best day of the season so far loads of fish rising…plenty of flies hatching…all is well on the river.. or so it would seem.



















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