2nd May – Winlaton Mill.. Dirty Blank

I went to the river with high hopes today after a decent session on Sunday.


The weather was a fair bit different, bright skies and fairly warm at maybe 13°C . I couldn’t contain my excitement and set off at around 11am; again deciding to fish the Winlaton mill stretch.


The bright weather brought out the dog walkers and the carpark was already a little busy when I arrived around 11.30.


I was set up with a Greenwell’s spider on the point and a brown spider on the dropper. Flies that usually do quite well this early in the season. I walked up to my usual starting pool just above the “dog walk” run.


Setting the first cast down at something like 11.45 or so I fished through this pool and it was noticeably less active .. not as many fish rising, fewer flies about. Not to be put off I worked down this pool without a touch. The next run at Dog walk, a couple of fish rose. I swung my flies right over their lies a good couple or half dozen times to no avail.


This was the tale of the tape as I worked all the way down to the second streamy run at high dam and missed my fist take of the day , felt like a small fish but the fly was in and out before I could strike.


I had a crack at a few rising fish at the slower water here and had a rise to an Adams dry… or my version of it!!  which I also duly missed!


Now it was around 1.45 is so I walked down to the stone bridge , crossing the river just upstream of it. I took the Greenwell’s spider off the point and changed up to a Gold head GRHE.


This seemed to attract a bit of attention , just in the mouth of the bridge as the flies swung across a likely looking spot I had a whacking great take, he was on and pulled the rod into a nice ark…then he was off!! bugger, felt like a good fish too. I know where he lives now though!


hopes raised, I fished through and down to the bend, missing another couple of bites along the way.


I repeated this trick at the bend pool seemingly on a roll now!


All was not lost though as I decided to fish the pool just above butterfly bridge a stretch I seldom fish for one reason or another. It’s a very nice run here a longish wide run of water that looks a nice depth towards the right hand bank. Just to complete the trick of the day I missed another couple of bites here too.


It was a bit of a mental day all in all, I must have had between six and eight fairly solid take and managed to miss them all, which is odd as I felt I have fished better so far this season, keeping good concentration and having a good hook up to bite ratio!


Ho-hum, just one of those days I suspect, it did get a bit breezy at times meaning I had to pause between casts. However despite the fact there were fewer fish rising it was still nice to get a few takes and good to be out on the river.


Looks like Saturday Rowlands Gill will get the water whipped into a lather.


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