7th May – Winlaton Mill , and beyond!

I had a bit of company for my epic trip today, I was joined by Andy of http://coquetfishing.blogspot.co.uk/ fame

Conditions looked pretty good it has to be said, it was fairly cloudy and the water level was showing +2” on Fishpal


We met at the carpark at around 11.30 and were also joined by my “trainee” John. By 11.45 or so we were on our merry way. I decided we would have a walk up past the Viaduct so Andy who is new-ish to the Derwent, got to see as much water as possible.




A twenty or so minute walk later we arrived up about 200 yards or so up past the viaduct, stopping here and there to show some of the likely looking spots as we passed them.


I got first dibs through the first pool , the uppermost pool I have fished. .It looks a better pool than I remember and as we buggered about on the bank there looked to be a couple of fish rising towards the tail end of this pool just to whet the appetite. I fished through with a Brown spider on the point and a Greenwell’s spider on the dropper.


True to form the fish stopped rising as I worked through (I have that effect) and I fished right through without any success. I had a seat and watched Andy follow me through and have a hook up.. as the fish had now resumed their feed! however it was on and off in a flash, just quick enough to raise hopes!!


John was third through this pool and despite a few casts to risers nothing was doing. We walked downstream and split up a little, Andy took the next pool, I took the nice pool on the bend and John was somewhere in the middle!


A couple of casts in this pool and I had a pull and a hook up , a smallish fish , quickly brought to hand taken at just after 1.30 on the Greenwell’s spider


I mooched down to the pool by the tree where another fish as rising and I drifted the flies past him a couple of times without success before I lost a couple of flies on the said tree. Lastly for this length of water I had a go directly under the Viaduct. again without success, I think it’s still warming up as the fly hatches were sporadic to say the least, as were the rises which came and went as the day wore on.


Out we climbed and headed off to the couple of runs just above high dam. John was away home by now but we soldiered on!

First run through here and Andy went first missing a take in the slower water at the mid/end of this pool. I got lucky about half way through with what turned out to be my best of the day , maybe an 8” (at a push) but well-marked wild fish it was now just around 3.30.. another fish to the Greenwell’s spider


As time was marching on.. and I was well worn out we decided to get down to the stone bridge and bend pool. All was quiet and the rises had stopped by now. Andy went through the bend pool first and I followed, taking my third pretty much right on the bend , a smaller fish welcome all the same taken just before home time at 4.45.. again to the old faithful Greenwell’s spider


That was me totally done in. I fished for a little longer than is usual but it was good to see some water with I rarely fish, especially the first pool up past the Viaduct which I will definitely visit more this season.


Thanks to John and Andy who were both great company.




All to do again this coming Saturday up at Rowlands Gill.



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