14th May Rowlnds Gill

Fished alone today on the Rowland Gill stretch and it was something like back on top form.

It was a bright day and around 13°C although the wind that there was made it feel considerably cooler especially late-ish afternoon when it was fair chilly. I had the car packed up and was good to go at around 11.30


I did however manage to forget my log book that I record all my catches in so it might be a bit more sketchy than usual! I was on the water for something like high noon and started at the weir pool.I had a greenwells spider on the point and brown spider on the dropper.

I had 2 decent pulls at the end of this run and missed them both! a good start all the same though at least the fish were feeding. Next run was the split and I ran through without as much as a sniff. Similarly at the run under the trees that sometimes produces a big fish hiding in the strong current.



Despite fishing the nice run at the BBQ’s it didn’t stop some kids throwing stones in , their father seemingly happy with this.. So I worked a little way downstream and a nice run which I don’t always fish opposite the caravan park deep and riffly a nice pool.  Second cast in and a savage take and the rod bent.. to say he lead me a merry dance would be an understatement, he curiously made for the left hand bank then back off to midstream it was difficult to see him in the sun, he then made for… and got to a weed bed , thankfully I got him out of there and he was soon in the net, a very nice brownie indeed just under 17″and off he went to fight another day





Excitement over, I sorted everything out and cast again into this run, I had an instant take and this was something a LOT bigger.. my rod bounced as he shook his head and shot off like a rocket to the far bank, I couldn’t stop him I had to give him line as he flew off …and then everything went slack….god only knows what size he was , I’m not sure my 6′ Shakey would have coped with him….I would guess he was at least the size of my PB in this river at around the 2lb mark, I now know where he lives though.


I did climb out and fish from around the bend where I took a few more fish in the 8-10″ and also some of the smaller ones in the river that I had previously not seen before.The river now seems to be properly in spring mode now with loads of fish showing and the odd hatch here and there.


I fished on until about 3.30 when the temperature had seemed to drop off a fair bit. I ended up with 6 fish to hand a couple of smaller ones which is nice to see, also dropped a couple after a brief fight so all in all a nice day out on the river.




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