Cricket club – Winlaton mill 26th March

Well it has been a bit of a stuttering start to the season this year. I had booked off the first day of the season last Wednesday 22nd. However the fishing Gods had other ideas and down came the rain on Tuesday. The levels went from a consistent +1” to +16” almost overnight after almost a month at a goof fishable level . Sods Law.



It did drop quickly and by Sunday had dropped right down to +3” still a little higher than I like to fish in but I WAS going to have my first day on the river this weekend. So car loaded up off I set on Saturday afternoon …traffic mayhem on the way tried to scupper my trip but I was not to be outdone. Arriving 15 minutes late at the Bladon rugby club where I met my fishing buddy for the day. We set off up to the cricket club which is a quick 10 minute walk or so.


The weather was unreal for the time of year really, clear skies, bright sunshine and about 13°C.


We crossed the narrow road bridge at the cricket club and walked a further 50 yard or so upstream landing on the water at about 1.40 or so. I started off with a gold head GRHE (with red collar on the point and a black spider (green hotspot) on the dropper.



First cast into the first streamy run and a that’s a decent start I thought… working down I had another pull just before I got to the bridge. There are some nice runs upstream of the bridge and a cracker just the other side of it too…where I did turn another…what looked slightly better fish but they would not stick.

Half an hour in I changed up to a greenwell spider on the point  as there was a sporadic hatch of what looked like olives coming off. However this did not have the desired effect, the bites dried up as we worked our was back to the rugby club, there are some cracking pools on the way back but the fish weren’t playing. We fished on until about 3.15pm or so and headed back to the cars.. .both staring at a blank!!



Not to be undone however, I decided to have an hour or so up at Winlaton before I was ready to accept my first trip blank of the season. Needless to say the carpark was rammed full….just one spot was open for my little panda.


Off I went with renewed vigour to “dog walk pool” goldhead now back on the point for this section. Still nothing doing in this pool, which normally fishes well. Next run however a solid thump and I strike into him, a quick fight in which he made for the near bank but he was quickly landed and a quick snap later was back on his way. taken on the trusty goldhead at around 3.45 or so 



It was good to see some new runs which I will definitely explore more later in the season I think, some very inviting runs on this stretch of water between the cricket and rugby clubs.


I managed to avail a dirty blank just through sheer perseverance I think, however good to get the season underway with a few pulls and a fish to hand.



4 thoughts on “Cricket club – Winlaton mill 26th March”

  1. Hi, great blog. Been looking for some info on the derwent for a while. Would you recommend getting a season ticket? I live at rowlands gill so in between the 2 clubs im not sure which 1 to go for. Thanks. Liam.

    1. Hi Liam, thanks for the kind words!!

      I fish the river weekly….you rarely see another seems well run with monthly meetings. Plenty of wild fish,trout and grayling.along with a moderate smattering of wild fish. I had trout and grayling to 17″ last year..and a salmon in Jan.

      I love it…

      If it’s on your doorstep I would recommend it

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