Keswick 6th-7th May 2011….River Derwent

Had a weekend up in Keswick just this weekend gone fishing the Keswick Angling Association waters  and in particular the River Derwent.

Travelled up on the Friday morning with a couple of Friends and arrived in Keswick around 11.30am. Dropped the kit off at the flat and straight off to the newsagents for the licenses. £9 a day , cheap at the price for some really beautiful river fishing

Typical view from River Derwent

Landed on the river at around Noon ish, and fished from The Pencil museum right down to just beyond the suspension bridge, once I found that the fish wanted……… a bit of colour I had plenty of sport on Partridge and Orange and a small pink nymph, most fish were small in the 5-8″ bracket but I did manage to land a 12″ Wild brownie about 1lb in size. Fished until about 5pm or so and headed back to the flat for a well earned beer (or two) and a nice bag of fish and chips!!

Saturday started shamefully with a bit of a hangover!! nothing a bowl of bran and a cup of tea couldn’t fix though. On the river for around 9.30 or so and started with the same flies I finished with the previous day.I fished the first pool under the bridge and casted to a rising fish .. and landed a nice little brownie of around 8″ It was another good day on the Derwent, we decided today to walk down to the suspension bridge and fish the lower waters of KAA.

I had plenty of small brownies and salmon par they seemed to love my small pink nymph, however as it started to cloud over I decided to change the Partridge and Orange for a Gold head GRHE. Fished a small deep pool full of eddies and hooked in to a really large fish that looked in the 2lb region hooked…splashed around a bit.waved his tail goodbye and was off…  🙂   I fished this pool for about another 20 minutes !! and had another couple of really good pulls but failed to connect with any of them.. it did raise spirits though!

Fished right down towards the end of the KAA waters where there is some deep slower water and spotted what looked like a good fish rising, so walked downstream of him and cast the old GRHE 2 casts became 3 and nowt!! then next cast a strong pull……which I missed..hmm I kept at him…..another pull and a miss..grrr   next cast a solid take and I was in to him..he nearly bent my rod in to the water, he was off like a shot heading for a submerged log on the far bank, I managed to turn him then he shot off for the roots on the near bank , I gave him a little line as my rod was arcing so much I had to, managed to turn him and get him in to mid stream…where it seemed we were both taking a breather!! another couple of small ..ish runs and he was in the net ..a PB for me of 1lb 14oz!! well pleased!

River Derwent Brownie

That was enough for one day!! started the long walk back to the flat…….chips and a bottle of wine (class act me) finished off a great days fishing.

Hopefully do it all again next year


A monster and a wet arm!

well I had the day booked off for a day on the river today. God the old (new) fly tying vise out yesterday and lashed sone GRHE with gold bead and some Hawthorn fly imitations for my trip.

Dropped the missus off at work at about 7-45 and landed in the car park about 8-10. Kitted up with one of my new super dooper GRHE on the point and hawthorn fly on the dropper. I decided to walk right up to the viaduct and see what the water was like around there.

Just below the viaduct there was a very fishy looking run that was bottlenecked by some large boulders. I had a couple of small takes then hooked in to what looked like a really decent fish, he pulled, rolled over and waved goodbye!! looked a really good fish though, that must have been about 9am.

Hopes raised I thought I would give this pool a good going over!! hooked another smaller trout of about 8″, fished right through where the water eddies and slows down, line tightened…rod bent….fish on!! hauled him in to the net.. he was a dead weight!!

15" Brownie from River Derwent
just a smidge under 2lb

Needless to say I was pretty pleased with getting this landed , fair bent my 7′ #5 rod double!!  and on my (now killer) GRHE!!  🙂

Took a breather then fished through the bridge downstream…still couldn’t get my nemesis fish hooked who was still hiding behind the rock…give him a good go but he wouldn’t be budged!!

I did however manage to take a tumble and soak my arm up to the elbow..and a nice red bruise!

Was about ready for home now but had one run through the pool above butterfly bridge, hooked and landed an 8″ trout on the Whickhams spider, there was a much larger fish just a few yards downstream but he wasn’t interested!!.

That was me for the day headed home about 1pm…..hopefully my next trip will be as sucessful!

It here ….first trip!!

Well after what seemed an eternal wait Friday arrived… no rain all week all looked good.

It was however very bright and not a cloud in the sky

Crawled out of my pit and joined the rush hour traffic on the way to Winlaton Mill to get my day ticket.

Pulled up in the carpark and kitted up.Started on the long walk over Eddies Bridge (I think it’s Eddies Bridge!) and a  couple of hundred yards up stream and started fishing a PTN and black nymph on a floating line, and full of confidence..hmmm

Started fishing down towards Eddies bridge at about 9am …not a touch until I got just through the other side of the bridge and missed a good take as I was a million miles away (lol) There looked to be lots of flies coming off…what I assumed to be get an Olive nymph on !…seemed like a good idea?

Fished through and down to that nice run above Butterfly bridge, that run has changed so much with less water in it and I wasn’t sure if I was going to fish it or just move further down…

Sat for a bit and changed to PTN with red collar and sz 14 Olive Nymph on the dropper..fished those through the deep run along the far bank and after a couple of casts bang, a good solid take and a couple of minutes later landed a nice looking brownie on the small Olive nymph at around noon


First fish of the season

Took a couple of snaps and got him back in to the water, he seemed slow to recover but after a few minutes he flapped his tail and was off.


Fished through the last few good looking streamy runs down by Winlaton Mill but no further takes , although I did manage to hook in to a couple of trees!  🙂

Felt pretty worn out but had a drive up to Rowlads Gill Caravan park run, fished through a couple of run …half heartedly…then buggered off home around 2pm ish.

A good day after a couple or three blanks over the Winter, nice to get some interest in my cobbled together flies .at least Im not doing everything wrong lol.









Looking Forward

Well my first trip is just around the corner …   ish…  holiday booked…  Friday 26th March….   Waders repaired, flies tied, gear checked and sorted….all ready.

I have been fly fishing since the age of 13 for the best part of 30 years on and off…mainly off for the last 15 years though it has to be said! Last three trips resulted in some almighty blanks up at the river Derwent which runs on thhe border of Northumberland and Durham. It was in the deppths of Winter ..that;.’s my excuse and I am sticking to it   🙂