Blankety blank 17th November

3 weeks out in a row this time of year… happy days although that is  about as good as it got on this trip on the Blyth.



I decided to have a look out on the Hartford stretch this week and arrived at the “car park” at about 10am suitably armed with a red tag on the point and a standard Cochybhondu on the dropper. Not my favorite “half” of the river but that is maybe more down to lack of me fishing it than anything else.


The weather was bright and sunny and about 10°C or so, although there had been a little bit of rain the previous night. The river did look slightly up but not too coloured.


I started fishing just below the first big weir, at which point I saw the first bad omen for the day, a bloody great cormorant flying right up the middle of the river.. not good… but onwards and upwards


Not a touch through this first run.. so on to the very nice fishy looking run with the wall at the far bank, when just out the corner of my eye I heard a “plop” that sounded like a brick off the wall falling in to the water.. it was what turned out to be a mink which despite the novelty of seeing one for the first time was nice and all that and it was great watching it frolic around in the water for the next 5 minutes or so, I am sure that the fish in the area though differently to me and scattered.


And that seemed to be the case as well, as I worked my way down to the garden pool not a bite was to be had, let alone any fish seen and that was the way it went as I fished a couple of hundred yards past the garden pool, trying weighted nymphs, cochybhondu, red tag, GRHE.. nothing doing


So after a couple of hours without a solitary bite I decided to get over to the farm stretch, to see if things were any better up there.


I plodged back up towards the car and bumped into a fellow angler who was fishing upstream nymph in a slower section but having just arrived had no joy.



So in the car .. waders still on.. and landed at the farm in the blink of an eye. Starting off at the farm stretch and running right through the runs to the farm but it wasn’t meant to be so at 1.30 that was it for the day .. the indignity of a blank… although they have  been few and far between this year.. but never welcome all the same.. needless to say hard work , hopefully river levels permitting I will be back out for another go this weekend.