Three December trips out

A bit of a Christmas bonus this time as I have three for the price of one, Or to put it more succinctly , I may have been a bit tardy in updating my blog so here is a general report from three trips out during December on the River Derwent!

Early December ventured out for an afternoon session with what would turn out to be the last(ish) run out with my trusty old Shakespeare 7’ Weather was unseasonably mild for December hovering around the 10°C mark for most of the day and pretty bright too. Started fishing from the butterfly bridge down over, started with sparkly tailed coch-y-bondu on both point and dropper as these seemed to work previously in bright conditions.. not today though lol…. it was noticeable more difficult getting amongst the fish. I eventually started getting a few takes on duller flies; standard coch-y-bondu GRHE accounting for just the three grayling on this trip out

Second trip was a rare morning trip out for this time of year as I have found that the afternoon evening session has been more productive during the late Autumn and the Winter, however needs must and armed with my swanky new Sonik SK3 8’ – how could I fail? Weather was bright sunshine and pretty cold at about -4°C or so with a pretty substantial frost on the ground as I landed at 8.30am.

Again I fished from butterfly bridge working downstream , my new rod felt massive in comparison to my now semi retired 7’ shakey but did feel very nice to cast and loaded the line quite well … all to no avail as despite almost every fly in the box being lashed in to the water and despite the swanky new rod.. the fish weren’t impressed and a blank was the result.. albeit a blank in style.. just 2 bites to show for me 90 minutes freezing my bits off, I only lasted until 10am, when my feet felt like they were about to turn to blocks of ice… enough was enough off  home for a bacon butty and a warm cup of tea… I think I might need to invest in some neoprene socks for my Winter fishing.

My last trip out for this report was 28th December for a short afternoon session to throw the excesses of Christmas off. I got to the river about 12 noon only to find my normal car park full with bloody dog walkers!!  Weather was very bright, temperature about 8°C and extremely windy Turned around and parked at the Swallwell junior football club and fished the very nice looking run on the far side of the island. It was almost impossible to cast as the wind was ripping right down the river, I was staring at another blank with this cursed new rod lol, so out I climbed and thought I would try to see if I could get parked back up at Winlaton Mill.. Joy of joys, 2 free spaces… one of which was quickly filled by my little Panda!!

Kitted up with Coch-y-bondu on point sparkly on the dropper and off to the butterfly bridge, noticing that I had more shelter from the strong wind up here too, broke the cure on my Sonik about 15 minutes in here hooking a small grayling on the point fly just down past the bridge, taking another too also on the darker fly as I fished for 2 hours down to the car park. Not having had enough I walked back up to the bridge to where I started and fished back down. Finding a small shoal of Grayling 50 yards up from the inlet pipe, hooking 3 and missing another couple. Another difficult day was had noticeably harder than the end of November. The new rod coped quite well , it has a lovely action when playing a fish seems much “softer” than the shakey although I am sure it will still see the light of day now and again in the coming months.

Butterfly bridge

So there it is a close to 2011… my first full season back on the river .. watch this space for a (premature) full season review.