Typical Autumn afternoon 20th November

After my failure to get out at the weekend, I had a cheeky half day booked in for Monday afternoon to squeeze a three hour session in before the light faded

Weather was a typical Autumn day pretty overcast damp in the air and a very slight mist temperature must have been 10°C or so, with no wind to speak of.

Hmmm, decided not to wear my coat , it was borderline, although come home time I was feeling canny chilly!

Out of work at 12 sharp rod already set up in he car and was on the river for just before 12.50, up by the stone bridge with a cochybhondu with sparkle tail on the point and a standard cochybhondu on the dropper. No action for the first 20 minutes in fact not a touch until I got just past the big stone., then I had a small grayling out on the standard fly of about 5” quickly followed by another couple of fish in that slow run by the near bank on the bend. All of these fell to the standard Cochybhondu.

Run under the stone bridge

So walked down to the butterfly bridge and changed the point fly to a standard Cochybhondu too. Fished the first run below the bridge upstream and had a good take on my first cast pulled the leader hard upstream, hooked and landed a nice grayling around 6”

Autumn on the river Derwent

I moved down to where the next streamy run deepens and had almost take after take here, I must have take 6-7 grayling out of this run as well as a decent brownie of around 9”

Moving downstream I fished down towards the pool near the inlet pipe, just before I got there I saw a likely looking holding pool , no sooner had my flies hit the water then I had a vicious take not a big fish but a good fight.. as much time out of the water as in it .. got him to hand … a nice wild brownie of around 10”, quickly released.

Just upstream of the inlet pipe

And so the day went, fished down to Winlaton Mill, picking up a few more Grayling all in the 5-7” range all taken on a Cochybhondu, even took a few fish out of the really slow deep run right opposite the car park. I fished on until about 4.10pm and the light was really putting in by now so I decided that was me for the day.

It was another good short session, plenty of fish to be had with another couple of very nice wild brownies hooked, seemed to  liven up from about 1.30pm until about 4pm when the fish were well switched on, all fish fell to Cochybhondu on a size 12. It looks like with the overcast conditions the fish didn’t want any sparkle at all.