29th October….Almost a blank..

Well was all set for a good session rain had kept off all week and weather looked spot on when I landed, must have been around 12°C pretty overcast with light rain. The river looked to be at a good level so I had pretty high hopes as I walked all the way up past the Viaduct to start today’s adventure!

I started off with my usual floating line and I had a partridge and orange on the point and a partridge and yellow on the dropper, fished through the stream run up past the Viaduct full of hope.. rain a little heavier now… I worked  my way all down through this run but no action; not a problem I though sometimes it takes an hour or so before I even get a touch. Changed flies up to a small GRHE on the point and a pink monstrosity on the dropper, hmmm still no action , not even a touch as I worked my was towards the viaduct.

Getting out of one of the pools I slipped (just to improve my fettle) landing right hand first full fore into a rock bashing my beloved intrepid rimfly, bending the rim making the real no use (grrr awaiting a fix at work lol) However I do always carry my other rimfly that is loaded with a dark green DT sinker, and whilst not ideal it at least meant I could catty on fishing. It’s was so weird fishing with a dark coloured line after using my “hot coral” floater all season, really difficult to detect bites (I wish) and see where the flies were.

Anywhoo, I was now at the viaduct and 2 hours in without a single bite.. out I climbed and walked down to the slow run above the weir near the stone bridge, there are what appear to be a couple of decent fish in this run and they were feeding , I spent 10-20 minutes here and “might” have had a very gentle pull but not sure if it was or yet another damned leaf J so with the day reaching a conclusion and me looking at a dreaded blank I decided to stick on a gold head GRHE and have a go at the run coming out from under the stone bridge. Half way down this run I had a proper bight , definitely not a leaf a real – would you believe it – fish biting!!  Joy of joys… and I missed him lol

All was not lost though at least it raised my hopes, another couple of casts and another pull things seemed to be livening up. Just at the bottom of this run I was fishing along the far bank and had a quick bite…I struck and have never been so pleased to see a small Grayling come to hand.. all 6” of him.

What a difficult and frustrating day, not much surface action until about 4pm when a few were showing, weather was VERY changeable, I had bright Sun, wind, heavy rain and all in about 4 hours. Fishing aside this river looks really beautiful this time of the year with the colour in those damned leaves  J