26th, 27th May ,Bank Holiday fun!

Well with Mrs. B living it up in New York, I had free reign over the weekend so managed to fit a couple of trips to the river on Sunday and Monday, both with similar results.



Sunday…. Weather was fairly warm (relatively speaking) and not a cloud to be seen , temperature must have been about 17°C and clear skies as I arrived at the farm stretch


The river was up and a little bit coloured when I arrived, although in reality it must really just be at a normal level as it has been low pretty  all year



As I tend to  do; I had a couple of chucks at the farm stretch, started off with a gold head GRHE on the point and a standard GRHE on the dropper… nothing showing and nothing biting


So I clambered out and headed upstream stopping off at that nice run on the far bank half way to the viaduct and took a little brownie on the gold head. Walking further upstream I fished through the bush pool where I took another small  wild fish on the GRHE. Still there weren’t any fish rising. I think I got one more small fish out on the gold head and that was that, no real signs of life and all in all a pretty difficult day all-round, I am sure the higher coloured water didn’t help.


Not a bad day a little tougher than it should be at this time of year though I feel and not a thing rising at all.



So.. after a couple of hours on the allotment and a “nice” Beef and Tomato pot noodle down my neck, I thought I would have a couple of hours on the Hartford stretch for the first time this season.


Arriving about 1.30 the weather was fairly overcast, cooler and when I got to the river I could see from the “watermark” on the sandy banks that the level had dropped a good 3-4” overnight, it was still gushing over the weir but was looking noticeably better and looked clearer too,


Fishing with the same flies as yesterday , no action through the weir pool or the extremely fishy looking pool after it, I was then on that great long riffly pool where the fun started.


Casting across the run giving the flies a little ”tweak” here and there as they came around I took 3 wild fish from this run all in the 4-6” bracket with plenty of plucks and missed bites along they way, all fish to the  gold head, fishing down through this run in to the slower deeper water I took another two wild fish one on the GRHE before climbing out and crossing the river to the other bank.



Now about 100 yards above the garden pool in the nice streamy run I employed the same tactics, down and across a little tweak as they came around and again I was amongst the fish , nothing of any note but great fun all the same , taking another 4-5 fish from here again max size was about 8” with a couple or three long distance releases for good measure.


I did have a few casts in the garden pool but it looked absolutely dead, nothing moving no bites, so I headed back to the car, a pretty enjoyable  three hours or so , I took a good few wild brownies with plenty of hook ups and humane releases at distance lol, loads of bites and nips too, all in all good fun.


A decent couple of days with gold head GRHE being right on the money loads of wild fish to be had especially on the Monday with the level dropping seemed to bring the fish on a little bit


However that said it is a little perplexing where the 800 or so stockfish have gone to , I did not see a single decent size fish rise over the two days I was out , it should be prime time fishing around now.