Wet and Dry Saturday 1st June

Today I had a morning session due to drinking commitment this Saturday night!!


The weather was for a change hot and sunny, well it’s all relative, it must have been around 18°C and clear skies.


My rod was still set up with the klinkhamer I had been dicking around with at the end of my last trip so as I sat down around about 10.30 to bang a new leader and a goldhead on, true to form it was just then that I notice a few fish rising so decided to give the dry a go, not something I do too often but really need to get my head around the dry fly.



The crimson klink I had on was not getting any response so I changed up to a light green klinkhamer .. suitably ginked up there were two fish showing both within casting range. It was just a matter of me not messing my casting up.. some chance lol


One was almost opposite me and the other was about 10-15 yards upstream. Dropping my fly a couple of  yards ahead of him my fly coasted over him about 5 times before a slash and a hook up… we were off.. a decent fight for a wild fish and he proved to be the biggest of the day at probably around 9”.


Now onto the other fish opposite me.. a similar story really, 3 –  4 casts over his nose with nothing them a violent take and a decent scrap, this one was slightly smaller at about 8” but more than welcome to this dry fly novice!


So I decided to work my way upstream on the dry and back down on the wet.


Next pool I stopped at was the slow  run before the  bush pool, nothing was showing in this run so just a bit of prospecting. A couple of times I lost sight of my fly due to the small amount of foam on the water, in the main it was okay though. A couple of small trout slashed at my fly but missed it in the current so I climbed out and moved up to the slow pool just above where the steep path comes down.




Again nothing showing in this slow deep pool but looked a likely spot…. had a couple of rises off small fish to  my fly but just swirling under it but finally managed to hook into a small wild fish of about 4” that was me on the dry for the day as I neared the viaduct, I changed leader to Cochybhondu on the point and PTN on the dropper.


Starting off right under the viaduct which normally fishes well.. nothing doing.. strange on to the next pool where the fallen tree was and I took two fish here both on the cochybhondu , the next few fish out of the bush pool also fell to this fly with only one taken on the PTN so I changed the dropper to a GRHE this did the trick as I was not getting fish on both of these flies.. loads of takes and hook ups and a fair few fish to hand.


I fished on until about 2.30 and ended up with about 10 small brownies to hand , about half that dropped before landing and a load of bites. I wasn’t sure if the fish would be playing with it being so early in the day but I needn’t have worried for although there were only wild fish playing there was certainly plenty of action to be had.


I was more than a little pleased to get a few fish and a few rises to my dry fly and indeed landed the two biggest of the day on the dry .. it was great fun and something I maybe have a little more confidence in using in the future, so a good  day was to be had… and a nice bottle of red was sunk up the allotment on Saturday night too , to cap off a nice day.


I think I did find that fishing the dry fly enhanced my casting or so it seemed as the day went on.


Next trip out is looking likely to be Sunday.. see if the stock fish decide to switch on or not!!  (I suspect not)