29th June, tough going

After a hard week at work I was looking forward to getting out on the river this weekend, there has been very little rain of late but Mrs Blood reliably informed me that we has a short downpour a about 6am on Sunday morning. By the time I crawled out of my pit it was broken cloud and fairly mild at something like 16°C though ideal conditions.



I had some duties to attend to on the morning but left the house at something like 2.30 and decided to fish the Winlaton Mill stretch today, it was still warm when I arrived with not much wind but the cloud cover had thickened somewhat.

I walked up along the river and under the viaduct towards my intended starting point , the river is starting to look pretty low and there were no signs of rising fish on the way up.


It must have bee n around 3pm by the time I wet my line a gold head GRHE (with red collar) and a yellow spider on the dropper, second cast and a gentle take, a promising start, another couple of cast and a hook up, a decent wild brownie looked something like 7” or so before he slipped the hook at my feet, still a promising start.

That was the way of it for the fist hour or so , lots of very tentative takes nothing to strike into and managed a couple of small wild fish to hand, the cloud had decided to drop some rain and although not heavy we had something like a “shower” for about an hour, it didn’t help improve the fishing though.

I decided to change up and put a cochybhondu on the point and a rusty nymph on the dropper, I am not sure if it improved thins .. maybe.. maybe not, there was now the odd fish rising here and there but I couldn’t get these risers to take, I did manage a couple more wild fish around high dam on to each fly and around the 5” mark.


I haven’t fished at all below the butterfly bridge this year so decided I would have a walk down that way today, it was now about 5pm and most of the dog walkers and runners had been “rained off” so I pretty much had the river to myself for the last hours fishing, there are some really beautiful inviting runs down this way and I hooked and lost the smallest fish of the season at something that looked like 2½” but despite my best efforts and only fishing through a couple of runs that was it for the day.



It was really noticeable how much the bankside vegetation had grown on over the preceding week, making it difficult at time to get to the river!! Fishing was noticeably more difficult today , I fished for maybe something like 4 hours and got maybe 5 fish to hand and lost another couple or three at distance. Plenty of fish taking early on but the bites got more difficult to get as the day wore on.

Still, it is a beautiful time of year to be out and about on the riverbank and any fish is a bonus.