Downpour 18th June

Sitting here today in near 30°C heat in Newcastle it is difficult to imagine how much different the weather was last weekend.I did have some success with caddis nymphs on my last trip out so decided to cobble together some flies that might do the trick for me on the river and came up with these…..

Caddis fly type thingies!

Now clearly (or not as the case may be!) Photography is not my strong point but you get the gist of it, nice bit of yellow wool , brown partridge hackle and a gold bead to top it all off!

So suitable armed with some new killer flies I headed off around 11am for hopefully a full days fishing, weather was very close and humid and slight drizzle, I remember looking at the river as I arrived and thinking the level looked really good. My rod was kitted up with my swanky new caddis fly on the poing and a standard GRHE on the dropper. walked right up to the fence where the club water ends for a stretch on the left bank and fished down fron there.

Here comes the rain...

Fished in the streamy , fishy looking run in the picture about 15 minutes after arriving and got a solid take off a decent little brownie of about 8″ on the caddis fly but the rain was just getting heavier now.

First...and last of the day

Infact heavy doesn’t really do it justice, it was absolutely hammering it down, I did fish on through this run and had another couple of takes but they were few and far between. I fished right down to the viaduct but the water was fair colouring up by now and I said to my self… If I don’t have another take before the viaduct I would call it a day……….I didn’t …so at around 2pm I called it a (soggy) day and headed for home soaked to the skin.

I took this snap from the viaduct looking upstream on my way to start fishing, before the (heavy) rain came down.

Looking Upstream from Nine Arches viaduct

I have another trip planned for this coming Sunday, and should be a lot drier in my lovely new hat! thanks to my beautiful wife Carol!!