22nd April, Rowlands Gill… Bloody awful!!




Looking back over my records, it seems to be par for the course for this time in the year, good day… bad day.. and so it goes until the weather settles down.


And so it was on Saturday, arriving at Rowlands Gill for about 12.30, quickly suited and booted and off we went. Fishing with Malcolm again today. Arriving at the weirpool at the top of the water here. Conditions were perfect, not too warm or cold, little or no wind and partial cloud.


Fishing first through the weir pool, nothing doing no fish spotted rising, not too odd on this particular run though.


Malcolm decided not to fish this pool, so off we went to the “split” in the river, again nothing doing except I got an almighty tangle just second cast in so applying a new leader kept me busy as Malcolm worked downstream, I followed after him…. Catching nothing but weed.. about every second or third cast… hopefully some fresh water will help with this as it is a major problem right now.



Anyhow onwards and.. well onwards. Onto BBQ run and I had a slash at my flies but the fish missed them!! Still a little action is better than none at all.


That was as good as it got for me, funnel pool and deep pool after it … which normally has fish sitting in there were dead…. No signs of fish rising at all, nothing a really poor day. Combined with the amount of weed made it more than a little frustrating. Malcolm had one take down from BBQ but neither of us caught…


So back to where I started, last year was actually a little slower early season, before I checked I had this down as a dreadful start but that’s just not the case, hopefully the rain we had earlier this week will freshen things up somewhat, I may even get a trip out this Friday!!


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